Welcome to Room 8 at Graham Middle School!

Student Supplies for ELA - a 1" binder, headphones, binder paper and pencils

     Thanks to our new online curriculum, most of our reading and writing this year will be digital however we do still need paper at times. It would therefore be helpful if all students had a binder for organizing class materials. The binders will stay in Room 8 and will be used as needed to store and organize student work and resources. Binders can be reused or new, and should be 1". Please do not supply a bigger binder - I will be storing approximately 140 of them in the classroom, and 2" per student just won't fit! 
     Students should also bring headphones for use with our online text - it has audio! - and for our vocabulary program, Membean. Headphones can be in-ear or over-the-head, but must be personal - we don't want to share any infections or "hair-borne" creatures.
   It would also be helpful if students can bring binder paper. If providing any of these supplies is difficult, we will do our best to ensure all students have what they need.