Mountain Vista Unitarian Universalist Congregation June 30, 2017

 To Welcome, Care For and Inspire.
Sunday, July 2:

*Services are held at Green Fields School 

Contemplative Practice

 The Contemplative Practice will not be held during June, July and August.

Traditional Practice 

State of the Tradition Part II: Post-General Assembly

Rev. Ron Phares will reflect on the Unitarian Universalism in the wake of the historic general assembly in New Orleans. 

 10:30am, Theater

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Religious Exploration:

Classes for youth begin at 10:30am. Nursery Care also available.  More RE News: CLICK HERE

After the Practice:
Cold beverages 11:45
Lunch Bunch 12:30, see white board.

Charity of the Month:

Keep Tucson Together
 is an all-volunteer project aimed at reducing the number of deportations by helping people with their immigration documentation and to help them gain a better understanding of how to handle their own cases in the immigration-court system. It is a part of the No More Deaths Organization.

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*FLASH Donna Pratt, 
our Office Administrator, 
leaves MVUU

Dear Members and Friends,

Thank you for welcoming me and my family into your beautiful community the past eight years. It was a hard decision because I love all the people at MVUU but on June 6 I submitted my resignation, effective tomorrow. I was feeling a sense of burnout and was losing my enthusiasm and energy for all the upcoming new and exciting changes, plus now that Robyn has graduated high school I have a feeling of liberation I haven't experienced since 1989 (when our oldest of four began kindergarten!). Time to focus on me! 

I requested that Rev. Ron allow me to slide away without fanfare; being the center of attention mortifies me, and quite frankly I can't handle the extra anxiety right now. I have always felt blessed, appreciated and cared for at MVUU; I don't need a planned occasion to demonstrate that love. 

It has been my honor and pleasure to know each of you, even those I know only through emails. I hope our paths cross again in the future. 

Love, peace and smiley faces to all!

Donna :-)


Rev. Ron:  I can not adequately express my gratitude to Donna for her years of service to our congregation. Words fail. Donna has been an exemplary administrator and a wonderful associate. Comprehensively competent, she has cared for the members of our community and, really, for anyone communicating with MVUU. Also, her skill and wisdom have kept me out of trouble and embarrassment for the most part.

Among the countless minor details and major projects, what stands out to me are the smooth transitions (and there have been a few - from my arrival to our diaspora), which I attribute to Donna’s talent, good nature, and steady hand. I will miss her terribly, am sad to see her depart and yet, most of all, am deeply grateful for her service to Mountain Vista UU. Farewell Donna, farewell.


 Kaaren Boothroyd, President: What I want to say to Donna must be in a poem I have not yet found. For it is in the language of poetry where I most often find the messages that I have not the talent to express in my own words.

I also confess that, like Billy Collins and a lot of others, poetry fills me with

“…the longing to steal,
to break into the poems of others
with a flashlight and a ski mask.” Click here for more.
Yes, that’s me, trying to find a poem that can capture all that is Donna Pratt and what she has meant in the life of this congregation.

This is a roundabout way of getting to the realization that every one of us could find a whole heap of words to describe what Donna means to us. Ron’s done a good job at getting to the heart of it.

Hard as it is to say, it is now it is time to let go of Donna as our Congregational Administrator, quietly helping to guide our congregation through the past eight years. We do so with enormous love and appreciation.

True to her nature, Donna has asked that we do not send her off with public fanfare … but I know we will all be sending her messages of our own… with best wishes for the adventures ahead!


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International Dining at Lunchtime
Interesujacy! Ambrozyjski! 
These are some adjectives that describe our next food adventure at the Polish Cottage located at 4520 East Broadway BlvdFriday, July 14 at 11:30am (lunch). Famous for Pierogies, cabbage rolls, desserts and BEER! 

Email Martha Castriotta at by July 7


*Updated A-Team News 

See Updates from our Architects on June 19 and 20 and 22 at ...

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Save the Dates: Sunday, July 9 and Sunday, August 13
The architects' presentation of their design ideas for our new campus will be held after the Practice on Sundays, July 9 and August 13 in the Green Fields Theater. All are encouraged to attend.


Fulfilling Our Dream...


*Updated Got questions about our new MVUU Home? CLICK HEREto check out these FAQs and answers. These Frequently Asked Questions will be consistently updated with new information as it occurs. And if you have a question that needs answering, please send it to


The above link also includes a faster-to-download copy of the Architects' April 9 presentation. A printed copy of the presentation is available to view in the MVUU


Summer at the Loft 
is in full swing and doing well. The group is attending
 one movie every week and enjoying a meal with others... all summer long.  Elizabeth Reed and Bill Casey are selecting the movies June 15 through July 14. 

If you are interested, Bonnie will send you an email that describes how it works and get you on the notification list.


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