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This Week

Good morning Families,

The next two weeks will be a little out of the ordinary.  Fourth grade is testing, so our special and snack times are just a little off but not a big change.

Our special and snack times will be different next week as well when 3rd-grade is testing. We will be starting our day with Snack, and then start testing soon after.  I'd like to suggest sending in a second snack for your child next week.  I will be giving the class a second Snack time later in the day just to help support all the extra thinking they will be doing.

The students are already used to other computer tests, so testing next week should not be too stressful. There will be one reading, one math, and one writing test. There will be one test a day and if should be completed during that time, but more time will be provided if needed. Please encourage good sleeping and eating habits to help students feel the best they can. 

At the end of this week, we have our Memorial Day Program. This always turns out to be such a special activity. Third grade will be singing, "Fifty Nifty United States." I choose this every year as a teacher "trick." Once they have learned that song, it is very unlikely that they will forget it, and therefore they will have memorized all fifty states in alphabetical order! Please say thank you to any Historical Society members you might know for putting this together, and the ice cream they so generously provide for the students. It is always a high light of the year.

I also have a returning guest, Chris Schadler, "Coyote Chis." Chris will be here Friday afternoon. She is a pleasure to listen to and I know the class will love hearing her and her stories about her research on coyotes and her time with wolves. 

Have a wonderful week and 3-day weekend. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding testing, or anything else.

Mrs. Perelli

Mini-Expert Homework Expectation

Becoming a Mini-Expert Challenge

New and Exciting Homework

As students have become more familiar with how to learn from non-fiction writing, I am inviting the students to become mini-experts. They have already become mini-experts on their own families for February! This new homework assignment will accomplish several expectations. Here is how it will work

Purpose: Students choose a subject to research and learn more about. This can be something entirely new to them, or something they are already familiar with but would like to learn more. They will be practicing their nonfiction reading skills, and become Mini-experts on the information they research. There will then be scheduled times, during class, for students to present their work to their classmates, therefore teaching others what they have learned.

Process: Students can use any resources available to them. This may be a book from the local or school library, my classroom or home. It may also include the internet but doesn’t have to. Students are being shown how to safely search on the internet while here at school. These skills can be used at home under adult supervision as well. For those students who have limited access to the internet at home, their research will probably be limited to books, magazines or articles. This may limit their topics as well, but we can do the best we can.

Product: Students will then be expected to create a short report to turn in as their homework. This can take the form of a handwritten report or a google doc (one page), a Google slideshow, or a poster. They will be expected to complete a minimum of one per month for March, April, and May, June. This is the only expectation. However, students who would like to research and report out more often are eagerly encouraged to do so.

Basic Homework Expectations:

  1. Choose a topic or question to research and spend time researching. Take notes on what you learn.

  1. Create a project to share what you learned. Choose one of these, or come up with your own with teacher approval:

    1. Written in a Google Doc, or on lined paper, (one page)

    2. Create a short Google Slideshow

    3. Create a poster

    4. Make a mini book.

  2. Academic Requirements:

    1. Everything is spelled correctly.

    2. Include in your report and presentation 2 to 4 new words you have learned and their definitions in your own words.

    3. Be willing to teach others about what you have learned by presenting it to the class.

    4. Don’t forget to record the time you spend reading onto your reading log.

    5. Don’t forget to tell me what your next topic will be.

    6. End every project/presentation with a new question to research. You do not have to research this new question. This is to demonstrate learning should always lead to new questions.

What is being emphasized:

  1. Curiosity- cultivating the desire to question and learn more about something,  on their own steam. This is a vital habit of successful learners.

  2. Independence- Students will choose what they want to learn more about, and have the skills to learn about it.

  3. Knowledge- Students will build confidence in their ability to become a mini-experts in the class.

  4. Spelling-I will have the expectation that whatever the student produces as evidence of their learning must have everything spelled correctly. This will be language that they are using to convey their learning, as well as any specialized vocabulary that comes from the topic itself. In our adult lives, communicating our thoughts in a way that can be accessed by others includes correct spelling. Regular spelling lists will be discontinued.

  5. Building Vocabulary- It will be an expectation that, with each report, students will identify 2-4 new topic vocabulary words that they learned during their research. This will just need to consist of the word, and the definition in their own words, like a “mini-glossary.”

  6. Reading- As students continue through the grades, non-fiction reading and writing will become more prevalent. For each student in my class, there is a goal of 20-30 minutes of reading fives day a week. Any non-fiction reading they do as a result of their research counts on their reading logs towards this goal.

Blizzard Bag

November 17, 2017

Dear MVSD Elementary Families,

During the course of a typical New England winter, inclement weather occasionally necessitates the cancellation of school.  This year the Merrimack Valley School District will be piloting one Blizzard Bag Day in place of a traditional Snow Day.  The goal of this day is to minimize disruption to the continuity of learning without extending the school year.  On Friday, November 17th, elementary students will bring home their blizzard bag assignments in preparation for the change of the seasons.  Families will be notified of a Blizzard Bag Day via the District’s Rapid Alert Notification system in the same manner that we have previously been notified of a Snow Day.  Teachers will be available for support on this day through email between the hours of 8:00am - 12:00pm.  Assigned work should be returned to classroom teachers on the following school day.  

A few things to keep in mind as we “test drive” this alternative learning opportunity:

  • Only one day will be a Blizzard Bag Day.  Be sure to listen to the recorded message you receive notifying you of the cancelation for this information.  

  • Students’ assignments will be sent home in a Envelope on November 17th.

  • Copies of all Blizzard Bag assignments can be found on elementary school websites under the “Quick Links” tab at the top of the web page.

  • Blizzard Bag assignments can be turned in at any point in time following their distribution, up until 2 school days following the designated Blizzard Bag Day.   

  • In order for this day to count in lieu of an additional day at the end of the school year 80% of students within the district will need to participate.  

  • Parents are invited and encouraged to support their students in completing the Blizzard Bag assignments.  It is suggested that you review the information included in your student’s Envelope in advance to ensure clarity in the expectations.

    • Remember: You only have to do the Specialist work for the given Specialist day.

      • Monday - Library

      • Tuesday - World Language

      • Wednesday - PE

      • Thursday - Music

      • Friday - Art

  • Feel free to contact your child’s teacher with any questions you may have.  Staff will be available for support on the designated day!  

We are approaching this new experience with an open mind and optimism.  Our primary goal remains ensuring the academic well being of our students.  We welcome feedback on this day.  If you have any questions or concerns,  please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mrs. Wheeler


We are beginning an every other week packet schedule to accommodate time spent on the "Mini-Expert" homework expectations. 
  • Spelling Packet one week-Quiz on that Friday, packet due by the following Monday.
  • Time for Kids reading and  "3-2-1" sheet the next week, Due by the following Monday.
  • Reading Log, turn in whenever full for a fresh log.
  • Reflex Math or Pearson Math- NOT an assignment, just an encouragement.

Finding Just Right Books

Basically this is how it is taught:
1. Choose a book based on interest- read the back.
2. Do the "5 finger test" which means you read a random page in the book, (preferably a whole page) and count how many times you either come across a word you don't know, or can't pronounce. If you have only 2 or 3 fingers up, great. If you have 4 or more- too hard. If you have 2 or less, too easy.
3. Listen to the way the book sounds either out loud or in your head- are you stumbling, stuttering, stopping and starting, or are you reading smoothly, hear the characters voices, understanding what is going on.
4. Check the range or level. It should be in your range. If it is in your range, #2 and #3 will probably back it up.
5. Read the first chapter to see if you still like it, and are still reading it well.

Check out books your are unsure of, either through me or through these websites:

Scholastic Book Wizard (http://www.scholastic.com/bookwizard/)
 Lexile Framework for Reading (https://lexile.com/)
 Accelerated Reader (http://www.arbookfind.com/)

You  may need to cut and paste the web addresses into your search window. 

Important Reminder

As the weather gets colder, please ensure that your child comes to school with enough to wear to keep them dry and warm. Thank you.

Scholastic Book Clubs

Click here for Scholastic Books

Books can be ordered at any time through the web-site. I will be sending another flyer home some time in November. 

Our Class code is GVL2R

And for a great resource try:

Thank you!

Webster Elementary School Calendar

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule
8:45- Arrival
9:00-9:45- Math Inquiry
9:50-10:30- Special (Mon-Lib, Tue-Lang, Wed-Gym, Thur-Music, Fri-Art)
10:45-11:00-Morning Meeting
11:00-11:20-Math Follow-up
11:20-12:00- Science/Social Studies Inquiry
11:55-12:55 Recess and Lunch
1:00-2:00- Reader's Workshop
2:00-3:00-Writer's Workshop
3:00-3:20- Read Aloud
3:25- Dismissal

Important Reminders:
    A snack & drink every day and/or money for milk or juice.
    Bring your lunch, or money for lunch every day.
    Bring your homework folder every day.
    Wear sneakers for Gym class every Wednesday.
    Bring Library books to school every Monday.