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Monday:  Music
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Friday:  World Language

Our Classroom: At A Glance

  • Glo Germs, Decimals, and Nonfiction - Oh My!
    Team 305 has been doing an awesome job these past two weeks!

    Reading has been focused on nonfiction explorations.  We are learning multiple strategies for understanding and accessing nonfiction.  Our students are becoming experts in reading around the text and breaking vocabulary into pieces so as to decipher meaning.  Students have applied their skills while learning all about the sinking of the Titanic (using their knowledge of structure and vocabulary strategies).  

    In math, we have been continuing on with multiplying decimals.  Students have been exploring multiple strategies for solving multiplication problems.  During whole class lessons, our friends have been rising to the challenge and sharing their math ideas.  We are engaging in rich discussions through the process.  

    In writing, students have been writing about and researching sub-topics of Western Expansion.  We have been using a lot of technology in the process.  Google Keep (shared by one of our leaders in the classroom) has proven to be very helpful in the note taking process, helping us stay organized.  Additionally, students have been using Google My Maps to create an exploration of topography west of the Mississippi River while creating their own original maps.

    In Inquiry, we have begun our new unit focusing on understanding ways that we can take care of ourselves.  We explored how germs are spread with Glo Germ and a slightly boisterous game of Heads Up 7 Up.  Students used observational skills and reasoning to deduce who was patient zero.  Afterwards, we reflected on what could have stopped the spread of the Glo Germ.  Additionally, we explored the effectiveness of vaccines through a computer simulation program, comparing 95% vaccination rates to 80% vaccination rates in the Manchester, NH area.  The next few weeks we will continue to explore the science of health and wellness.

    This week is a short week, however it will be full of activities and learning.  Thanks again for all your support at home and I look forward to what comes next!

    -Mrs. Orsmond 

    Posted Nov 19, 2017, 7:14 AM by Charlotte Orsmond
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