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    Home Fun!

    December 11, 2017 (Monday) through December 18, 2017 (Monday)

    enVisions- we are continuing with Topic 5 and are learning how to subtract using different strategies.  We’ve learned two different subtraction strategies utilizing our hundreds chart and have learned two strategies using an open number line.  We have also learned compensation and break apart for subtraction.  :)  Second graders are working hard and learning so much in mathematics!!!

    Math and Science Activity - Did you know when some solids are heated, they cannot go back to being the same solid?  When wood is burned, it becomes ashes, and will not be solid wood again.  Complete the math problems on wood by utilizing the number lines given.

    Mystery Doug - Second graders continue to be excited to be participating in “Mystery Doug,” a science website which helps students stay curious about the world around them.  Each week a science question (asked by a student from the United States) gets answered and investigated.  We have been learning so much science in second grade!  Some of the questions that have been answered are:  “Where does chocolate come from?” “Why do owls say “hoo”?  Do bats really drink blood? What’s that red thing on a turkey? What is the moon made of?  We will be participating in Mystery Doug on Mondays, so be sure to ask what today’s mystery question was all about.  Todays question was - “Why is snow white?”  Do you know why????  We even get to vote as a class as to which science question will get answered next week!!  It’s my hope that students...and adults will stay curious and ask questions about everything they do and learn.

    December’s Reading Calendar - Happy reading during the month of December.

    Reflex Math - please get one green light on reflex math this week.  

    Minute 3 - this activity is a mixture of different math topics.  Be sure to check your operations and read the problem and/or chart carefully!!

    “Baseball Puzzle” & “Subtraction Trees” (2-sided) - “Baseball Puzzle” is practice with subtraction facts to 18.  What animal can always be found at a baseball game?  “Subtraction Trees” is practice with triple digit subtraction without shifting or “regrouping.”  Find out how many leaves are left on each tree.

    Enrichment Opportunity - “Who Is Who?” - enrichment opportunities are optional.  I will be offering enrichment opportunity activities from time to time with your child’s Home Fun.  This is meant to be some “extra thinking” and some “extra fun.”  Enrichment Opportunity - Who Is Who?  Use your logical thinking skills to determine which rabbit and clown are it.  You may need to reread the clues, “lightly” cross out or write down who you think is who, or persevere and try multiple times before giving up!  

    Thank You!  Ms. Fish

    Posted Dec 11, 2017, 8:56 AM by Jen Fish
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