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    Second graders are still hard at work! In mathematics, some of the topics we have covered are:  subtracting within 1,000 using models and strategies, adding within 1,000 using models and strategies, and understanding numbers up to 1,000.  Some of the last few topics we will cover in mathematics will be measurement, adding and subtracting with length and measurement, and collecting, representing and interpreting data.  I am amazed at how much the students’ number sense has grown this year, as well as their mental math abilities.  Students have been hard at work improving their fluency of addition and subtraction facts by utilizing the Reflex Math website.  Students are very proud of their growth and a few 2nd graders have mastered their addition and subtraction facts and have moved on to working on their fluency with multiplication and division.  

        In writing, 2nd graders are continuing to grow and are currently learning about transition words which can help their writing “flow” more easily.  Students are writing about the steps of how to slide down a slide while incorporating transition words.  I am then “testing out” their writings on our playground and seeing if I can successfully slide down a slide per their steps!  We’ve had a lot of laughs over this writing piece.

        We have also been reading a lot of non-fiction texts during Reader’s Workshop.  Some of the topics and/or individuals we’ve been learning about are LasCaux Caves in France, Harry Houdini, Ted Giesel, and the Titanic.  Students have learned so much while incorporating Geography and learning where places are located in the world and where individuals are from.  Great job 2nd graders!

    Posted May 19, 2017, 6:00 AM by Jen Fish
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