2016-2017 Art work

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    I am Smyth Bouchard, this is my first year working at Penacook and Boscawen Elementary schools, and so far, I am LOVING it!

    For the past seven years I had been working at Merrimack Valley High School teaching a variety of Art classes as well as a selection of other required courses. 

    This change from high school to elementary school has been quite the blessing. I am having a great time getting to know our students here, and I hope the students are having fun getting to know me too!.

    I have a lot of very exciting projects planned for our student's. I cannot wait to share my passion for creating with them!

    Please take a few moments to visit the link on the left entitled "What have we been up to?" where I will be showcasing a variety of the projects we work on. There, you will also be able to find extra activities and links to additional resources for your students. 

Thank you. 

Penacook Elementary School PTG and Art classes are cooperating with the Display My Art program to have our students artwork printed. This is a fundraiser that will be bringing funds back to our school. 

Please continue reading below the image for an explanation of the projects I chose for our students.

PES is cooperating with the Display My Art program to have our students artwork printed. Please take a few minutes to look over this opportunity for our students. More information will be going home shortly.

After much thought and deliberation, I decided that instead of a "free draw" project, I would assign specific projects that allow students a lot of creativity and individual expression, while still giving them some structure and direction in their artwork. In my experience, a little bit of guidance can go a long way. 

I call each of these projects, "Themes" and have explained to each class, that while we are studying a specific artist, or drawing style, it is a theme, and they are able to choose the subject matter that want, and have a lot of opportunity to make this project "their own".


Kindergarten has been working on their animal handprints. Students are having a great time adding details to their animals and their surroundings. 


First and second grades have been given the theme of Landscapes. 

As I met with each class we discussed what exactly a landscape is and how there are many different kinds of landscapes. I explained to students that everyone's landscape must have three things. 
  1. a horizon line
  2. "something that shrinks" - something that moves into the distance. 
  3. a vanishing point
Students are then encouraged to add any details they wish; houses, people, animals, buildings, food... their possibilities are endless. 


Third grade classes viewed and discussed the artwork of Georgia O'keefe. As we analyzed a variety of her pieces we discussed the dominant characteristics of O'keefe's paintings. 
  • bright colors
  • vivid details
  • close up views
I assigned the class the theme of "SPRING".

Students are encouraged to draw anything that has to do with spring; 
something they do in spring, 
something they see in spring, 
honestly, if their subject matter doesn't vanish when the spring season begins, it is fair game (including snow).

Students drawings must fulfill the three characteristics that we discussed about O'keefe's artwork. 


Fourth and Fifth graders have been studying the artwork of Keith Haring. Each class had the opportunity to view, discuss and analyze Haring's artwork. We discussed how his artwork captivated it's viewers of the 1980's and 90's with its
  • Bright colors
  • Bold lines
  • Simplistic and stylized 
  • Rhythmic patterns

I have encouraged students to come up with their own subject matter to express a message (happiness, friendship, I love my dog).

I emphasized that students DO NOT have to draw like Haring, "simplistic and stylized" does not need to be Haring's style, but each student's style. 

Again I want student's to follow the four objectives above, however I want them to make this project their OWN.


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