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I am Smyth Bouchard, this is my first year working at Penacook and Boscawen Elementary schools, and so far, I am LOVING it!

    For the past seven years I had been working at Merrimack Valley High School teaching a variety of Art classes as well as a selection of other required courses. 

    This change from high school to elementary school has been quite the blessing. I am having a great time getting to know our students here, and I hope the students are having fun getting to know me too!.

    I have a lot of very exciting projects planned for our student's. I cannot wait to share my passion for creating with them!

    Please take a few moments to visit the link on the left entitled "What have we been up to?" where I will be showcasing a variety of the projects we work on. There, you will also be able to find extra activities and links to additional resources for your students. 

Thank you. 

Please click the link below to see some of the other projects our students have been working on.

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