Welcome team to the first semester of the 2018--2019 school year! 

This is our resource for all Social Studies classes here at Merrimack Valley Learning Center! 


The Merrimack Valley Learning Center is dedicated to the pursuit of an education that will prepare all of its members for their future.To achieve a 21st century learning experience, the school and its members will:

Pursue high academic standards through challenging and diverse learning opportunities

Respect self and others

Instill interpersonal skills useful in both local and global communities

Develop a plan for personal success

Engage in behaviors that promote wellness and a safe, healthy environment


Class Plans

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We use Google Classroom!

We use the Remind App to communicate! 

I am always available to answer questions or for extra help.

Daily Schedule 2018-2019 
Semester 1

Block 1 Prep 

Block 2 Middle School Social Studies 

Block 3 World History

Block 4 US History