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September 2017

Welcome Back! We are looking forward to an exciting new school year!!

At the end of last year, we boxed up all of the non-fiction books in the lower section so that the library could get new carpeting. Please pardon our appearance while we unpack and settle back in. 

Genrefication Project

The genrefication of our fiction books (on the upper level) is now complete. Do you love Sports Stories, Romance, Fantasy, or Sci-Fi? Perhaps Horror or Suspense is more your style? You will now find the stories you love the most filed together by genre. Browsing the fiction section could not be easier!

Of course, you can still find books by using the card catalog. When you discover a book you want to read, make note of the "Location" to find out in which genre section the book is located. 

Please keep in mind that many books can fall into different genres (For example: Dystopian/Sci-Fi; Horror/Suspense; Fantasy/Supernatural). Try to expand your horizons and chose books from genres you do not typically read.

If you need a specific book for a class or help in locating a particular book, please ask Mrs. Roby or Ms. Davidson for help.

Research Resources

Please remember to use our databases while researching for your class projects. Keep in mind that you must be signed in to your MVSDPride account to access the database password page. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help you!

Book Club

Look for Book Club at Homecoming on Saturday, Sept. 23. We will have a table where kids of all ages can "Color your own bookmark." There is no cost for this activity.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, Oct. 3 @ 3:00 p.m. in the library. We will be discussing the books we picked from the "Fantasy" genre in September, and begin choosing books for next month's theme of "Horror" novels. All are welcome to join us! 

Library Hours

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