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Stay Gold: The Outsiders
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This trimester we explore S.E. Hinton's classic novel, 
The Outsiders. Told from the point of view of Ponyboy Curtis, this story quickly becomes the students' favorite book of the year! 
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Homework Assignments


Periods 3&4 - If you haven't presented your argument essay, prepare to on either Monday or Tuesday! 

Team News

Welcome to Bobcat Country! 

Learner Profile Trait of the month: 
Gabriel Marquis
Samantha Kimball 
Addison Lakhdari
Samantha Bruillard


Former Awards:
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Kat Robinson  - Maddy Nelson   - Ethan Mock  -   Jake David

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Chris Goodwin  -  Shane Donaghe  -  Chloe Morgan  
Matthew Downie   -    Izzy Cochrane 


Trinity Hughes  - Gavin Blake   -  Anna Herrmann - Peyton Edwards 

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Madie Brown - Tyler Pesula - Alex Eddy - Ashley Michel

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Javier Friolet - Aiden Goodness - Alivia Henderson - Bailey Thomas

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Dylan Brien - Katie Nudd
Marshall Carey-Matthews - Hadleigh Sargent

Meet your teachers!
Mrs. Malone - Mr. Irving  - Mrs. John 
Mr. Burnell - Ms. Hurley  - Ms. Stack 

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