Words to live by

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel."   
                                                                    -Maya Angelou               

Language Arts Week of 4/17
  • Complete "WANTED Poster" for The Outsiders (Ponyboy, Johnny or both) -- DUE FRIDAY before break 
    • Must have:
      • Physical descriptions of the character(s)
      • An account/blurb about the crime 
        • Needs to have at least 4 specific examples from the book to be considered for a 3. The more you add, the better the grade 
      • PERFECT spelling and capitalization. These will be displayed 

Language Arts Week of 4/3
There is no assigned homework this week, however, be sure to finish your FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE poster! FINAL DEADLINE is Wednesday, April 12.

Language Arts Week of 3/29
  • Finish figurative language poster before Friday 
  • Study for figurative language quiz on FRIDAY 
    • Hyperbole
    • Alliteration
    • Onomatopoeia 
    • Simile
    • Metaphor
    • Personification

Language Arts Week of 3/22
  • Practice your Lesson 21 Vocabulary Words (root words are *fin* *term* and *sat*) --- means end/enough
  • There will not be a quiz on Friday 
  • Get in any missing work. Grades are closing!! 
  • Compare and Contrast slideshow (majority done in class) is DUE THURSDAY! If you did not finish in class, check out a Chromebook, go to the library or work on it during GS! 

Language Arts Week of 3/15
  • Root word Vocabulary Lesson - Definitions and Sentences DUE Wed/Thurs
  • Vocabulary Quiz on Friday -- study study study!
Reading Week of 3/15
  • Complete storyboard by the end of this week for credit 
  • BRING IN PERMISSION SLIPS ASAP!! Trust me, you want to watch the movie!! 

This week in Language Arts...
Right now, students are working on an argumentative essay. They have selected a topic and have begun their research. This will be a work week and each day in class, students will be drafting, revising and editing. The essays will be completed the week after vacation! 

This week in Reading... 
As we continue to read Lois Lowry's classic, The Giver, our class time is filled with literary analysis and LOTS of discussion. Students have yellow "The Giver" packets in which they complete all of the work surrounding the novel.

Homework for the Week of 1/23/17
Language Arts:
  • Lesson 9 Vocabulary "Word Study"
    • co/col = with; together
      • coexist, coherent, collaborate 
    • com/con = with; together
      • composite, compound, concordance, congregate
    • syn/sym=with; together 
      • symmetry, synthesize 
Homework for the Week of 1/9/17
Language Arts:
  • Lesson 13/14 Word Study
  • Lesson 13/14 Practice
  • Study for Vocabulary Quiz on 1/13
  • Get permission slip for viewing The Giver signed ASAP!!!

Homework for the Week 1/3/17
Language Arts:
Tuesday/Wednesday - DUE THURSDAY/FRIDAY
  • Word Study for 10 words Lesson 7/8
  • Do practice on Vocabulary sheet Lesson 7/8

Homework for the Week of 12/12/16
Language Arts:
Tuesday/Wednesday - DUE THURSDAY
  • Word Study for 10 words Lesson 4/5
    • Prefix "pre" = before
      • prehistoric, predict, prejudge, precaution, premier 
    • Prefix "cir" "circum" = around
      • circulate, circulatory, circumference, circumstance, circumscribe

Homework for the Week of 12/5/16
Language Arts:
Tuesday/Wednesday -- Due Thursday 
  • Do Word Study for your first 10 vocabulary words
    • Prefix "sub" = below,under 
      • subway, subject, submerge, subset, subterranean 
    • Prefix "super," "supr," "sur" = above,over,more
      • superhuman, superabundant, superb, supervise, surplus
Wednesday/Thursday -- Due Friday 
  • Do "practice" on your original Vocabulary Lesson 1 + 3 sheet
  • You don't need to write the sentence at the end -- you already did that in your word study 

Homework for the Week of 11/14/16
Language Arts:
  • Keep WORK WORK WORK WORK WORKing on your "I Am" Essay. It's Google, so you can access it from ANYWHERE with wifi
  • I Am Essay is DUE FRIDAY!!
  • Make sure that you are practicing reading your essay aloud. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be when you present Friday, Monday or Tuesday. 

Homework for the Week of 10/31/16
Language Arts:
  • Introduction to "I Am" essay due TOMORROW (11/1/16)
    • It's super important to get these in because we are peer reviewing, revising and editing IN CLASS.

Homework for the Week of 10/23/16
Language Arts:
  • (Rough draft) Introduction to "I Am" essay DUE FRIDAY
  • Remember:
    • H = Hook (draw the reader in)
    • I = Information (3-4 sentences describing who you are as a person)
      T = Thesis (the final sentence of your introductory paragraph)
      Example: I am caring, inquisitive and determined.

Homework for the Week of 10/17/16
We are officially into the second round of Reading! 
  • Finish 6-part Goals Sheet
    • 4 READING goals
    • 2 PERSONAL goals 
Language Arts:
  • If you have access to a computer/internet at home, continue to work on your Veteran's Day essays. Remember, you are being graded on spelling, capitalization, conventions AND I am looking to see that you created multiple drafts before handing in your final paper.

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