Current Topics:

7th Grade 

Nice to meet you
Students will be able to do the following in Spanish:
*Use different greetings and farewells appropriately
*Do the following with correct spelling and pronunciation
   -Introduce him/herself
   -ask a person his/her name (familiar & formal)
   -ask how someone is (familiar & formal)
   -ask someone where s/he is from (familiar & formal)
   -count to 31 using SMOOSH words
   -say and write the months
   -express dates & birthdays in Spanish format
*Listen and understand the following:
   -a 1st conversation (greetings, names, origin, farewells)
   -dates & birthdays 

8th Grade   

 Bienvenido a Miami

Students will be able to do the following in Spanish:

*Greet others (familiar & formal)

*Introduce others (familiar & formal)

*Say where people are from

*Express likes with indirect objects

Accessing Flashcards on-line:
1.  Google Search "en espanol"
2.  Find the "Class Zone" site
3.  Select the current unit 

Signatures are not required immediately following school vacations or long weekends.  Signatures will be checked on the following dates during trimester 1:
1st half                2nd half
*9/11                    *10/16 (8th grade only)
*9/18                    *10/23
*9/25                    *10/30 (7th grade only)
*10/2                    *11/6
8th Grade worksheets assigned:
9/11 WS 3
9/19 WS 11

Please encourage your student to get missed HW assignments to me ASAP!


Per. 1   9/19 Cuentos cortoss (Reading Comprehension)

Per. 3    9/14 Ser de (Oral Communication)

Per. 4   9/19 Cuentos cortoss (Reading Comprehension)

Per. 5
Per. 6   9/14 Ser de (Oral Communication)

Per. 7    9/14 Ser de (Oral Communication)     


Vocab. Lists
7-1        7-3        7-5 Adivina Quien

8-1        En espanol 2-1

Parent Communications

Students are required to study their vocabulary flashcards weekly.  They should study for 15 minutes and bring a parent/teacher signature to the first class of the week for HW. 

Daily Schedule

Period 1                         7th Grade Spanish               
Period 3                         8th Grade Advanced Spanish
Period 4                         7th Grade                           
Period 5                         8th Grade half-time Spanish
Period 6                         8th Grade Advanced Spanish
Period 7                         8th Grade Advanced Spanish      Period 8                                 Plan                                              

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