5.256 x 10^5 minutes

Period 6 ‎(2017-18)‎

About Me

I've taught at MVMS for 8 years. I have a teaching certificate in middle school math from University of South Carolina Upstate. I have 2 children and 2 dogs, all female!

Textbook Links and codes

Algebra I Textbook 
activation code:   4383707-30  from link


We are very excited about our new math program enVisions 2.0 because it provides students with many real-world connections and supports to foster success in mathematics.  The program includes print student editions, digital student editions, virtual manipulatives, and access to a variety of additional digital resources.

In order for students to access the digital resources, an account has been created on the Pearson Realize platform (https://www.pearsonrealize.com/). Math classes will share out the unique username and password with each child. The digital tools that students have access to are their math book, glossary, virtual manipulatives, “virtual nerd” videos (reteaching opportunity as well as can be used when absent for a lesson), digital assignments (monitor growth and mastery), and mathXL (supported practice of a math topic).

usernames and passwords available from Mrs. Culp

Daily Schedule

First Period: Planning
Second Period: Pre-Algebra
Third Period: Algebra
Fourth Period: Planning
Fifth Period: Pre-Algebra
Sixth Period: Pre-Algebra
Seventh Period: Pre- Algebra
Eighth Period: Leadership