Mrs. Wilson - MVMS FACT teacher

Daily Schedule for FACT RM 103

This varies per student and their individual needs.

Reminder: Each Student is following their own individual schedule.

Period 1 - Social Skills Group

Period 2 - Small group Math

Period 4 - Language Arts

Period 5 - Small group Math

Period 7 - Small group Math

Period 8 - Pride Block

What are we learning?

Math: The month of January has a focus on multiplication and division. We will utilize these skills in word problems and real world situations. While our focus may be on multiplication and division, maintenance of prior skill needs to continue which include telling time, using money, and application of skills in real life situations.

It is important for students to identify money and also be able to make change when completing a purchase. Please encourage your kids to help make change when you go shopping or identify the coins needed to make a purchase.

For extra practice at home they can log into IXL math!

Language Arts: Reading comprehension is more then just comprehension for our students. It is a basis for conversation. Students practice reading and answer who, what, where, when, and why questions. This skill helps them identify key facts in not only reading but when speaking and listening to friends and adults.

The writing process is called a process for a reason. We have been practicing the process and taking our writing step by step. The month of November we will be working on restating questions, staying on topic, and using editing checklists. The kids are amazing with the use of technology and will continue to integrate the use into their learning. For extra practice at home they can log into reading or writing a- z.

Social: It is very important to build a classroom community. We will always work on community building as well as integrating the Zones of Regulation into our daily practices. Talk to your kiddo about the colors and their feelings.

Social skills will focus on transportation, preparing meals, and reading signs for information.

The month of January includes pancakes, cake, macaroni and cheese, and a few more surprises.

With the increased use of computers and technology we will continue to practice internet and computer safety.

Google Classroom FACT

Schedule for Best Buddies


All meetings will be from 2:30-3:30 in room 103

Monday, January 14th

Monday, February 18th

Monday, March 18th

Monday, April 15th

Monday, May 20th

Friday FACT trips

In the week leading up to the first trip students have learned about classroom and behavior expectations. Students have developed a field trip contract that will help them maintain expected and safe behaviors throughout the week and during field trips.

Field Trips for January:

  • 1/4 See Museum
  • 1/11 Walmart

  • Please remember Field Trips are for those students who maintain expected behaviors and are working hard to complete their learning goals.



Applications have been handed out! Games to start in January for Basketball.

Applications for those students not in FACT can be picked up in room 103