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who am I

                                      Who is Mrs. John?
Let me introduce myself, I am Mrs. John, and this is my 8th year with MVMS. I couldn't be more proud to say I am a 7th grade teacher at this school! I received my Masters Degree at Franklin Pierce University and now have my dream job!  I have been married forever to my high school sweetheart and I have 4 kids, and 3 dogs .  I have a daughter Cassidy, who is an alumni of MV and is now teaching 5th grade at Penacook Elementary, my daughter Hannah is a junior at UNH. I have two sons, Walker is a Sophmore at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge NH 
and Michael is a junior  right here at MVHS.
       I Am A Harry Potter Freak!!!! 
     Check out the board outside my room!
I love sports and all types of music!
I Love to Read!

 I sometimes have my own language, you will learn it quickly and I tend to pronounce certain words in my own unique way, just go with the flow, you will not get me to say it correctly! (My kids have tried for years with no luck) I can laugh at myself and hope you will laugh and enjoy my class. 
I can't wait to learn new information from you and I love questions.  If you see something in the news ask, I may not know all the answers but together we can figure it out! 



Intro to Geography

Statement of Inquiry:

Human activity impacts how humans form regions through natural and human patterns and trends.

Inquiry Questions:

Factual: What are regions?

Conceptual: How does human activity impact, patterns and trends to create regions?

Debatable: How can patterns and trends created through natural and human features be described without being seen?

How can we describe the patterns and trends of our world and provide access to natural and human features that may be impossible to see?

Global Context:

Globalization & Sustainability

Human impact on the environment.



Play I-Civics!
Hope you are enjoy the wild ride, we have so much to 

This year we will be exploring different cultures, traveling to the regions of the United States, meeting the good, bad and ugly of our past and present world leaders and so much more!!!

Course Description

7th Social Studies: Course Description

The focus of 7th grade social studies is geography.  First, we define physical and human geography and how geography helps us understand the world in which we live.  Most of the first trimester focuses on our physical world and understanding how physical geography impacts where and how we live. In the second trimester, our focus shifts to human geography.  We learn about how our culture shapes how we view our own culture as well as the culture of others.  In addition, we will become familiar with the many types of government and economic systems that exist in our world.  We will also study on our own government and how a democracy requires citizens to be active participants in the local, state and national communities.  7th grade social studies provides students opportunities to understand his/her own community and also understand and appreciate how other people live in their own societies.