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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas (18th Century Painter)
sidewalk artist: Julian Beever

“Rembrandt painted portraits, The Karate Kid painted fences, and I paint my toenails. But I’m not a snob, I still consider those other two guys to be artists.
”     Jarod Kintz, (contemporary humorist and writer)



Ms Lincoln's class schedule Term 1

p1- 7th grade Art

p2- 7th grade Art

p3- 7th grade Art


p5- 7th grade Art

p6- 7th grade Art

p7- 7th grade Art

p8- 7th grade Guided Study

 Do you love art? Join us for an hour and a half of art time.

2:30 to 4:00 pm on Tuesdays. Please see the Art Club Calendar for details.

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