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Word Bank of House Frame Parts

Jack Stud (Trimmer)
Cripple Stud 
Bottom Plate
Top Plate.

Daily Schedule

P1  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 7
P2  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 7
P3  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 7
P4  Independent Study 
P5  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 7
P6  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 7
P7  Preparation Period 
P8  Preparation Period 

Current Project

Fall 2017
      Seventh grade classes have reviewed measurement in inches and fractions of an inch. Some need to continue practicing. Check to see whether there is a 3 or higher for Measurement Assessment on web to School.
       Students made a "skimmer" which is a folded card stock thing which they can shoot down the hall. The idea is to review measuring accurately and build carefully. The distance record this  year was 97 feet. 
       Currently students are working in pairs or teams of three building models of tiny houses at one inch equals one foot scale.