Wooden Whistles - Pencil Orhographic Drawing

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Daily Schedule

P1  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 6B
P2  Preparation, student assistance
P3  Preparation, student assistance
P4  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 6B
P5  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 6B
P6  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 6B
P7  Design, Model and Create (Tech. Ed.) 6B
P8  Pride Block in 113, Grade 7

Current Project

Fall 2017
      Sixth Grade classes have reviewed measurement in inches and fractions of an inch. Some need to continue practicing. Check to see whether there is a 3 or higher for Measurement Assessment on web to School.
        For practice measuring, each student has made toaster tongs to specifications.
        They will also make wooden whistles. Each student creates:
- a pencil and paper multi-view orthographic drawing and a 3D model in Autodesk Inventor from which they can print an "IDW", an Inventor Drawing which places the front, top, right views and an isometric drawing in standard form. Some will also create packaging for the whistles. Some will have time to modify their design and make a unique whistle.
         Our next project will be a wooden box up to 8.5 X 11"X 6" high. Each student can design a unique box through the design process as they did with the whistles. .