MVMS Calendar

MVMS Chess Club - The last day for Chess Club is Wednesday, November 30th. It has been a great success and each member got a Chess Club T-Shirt. Wear it with PRIDE. Nicely done, Mates!  Chess mates that it is. Keep playing and watching for new moves! 

The 2015-16 Sixth Grade Field Trip to the Mt.Washington Cruise was a success! 
We had 145 parents join us for a fun filled day enjoying New Hampshire's beauty. 

This year's sixth graders will be planning to cruise the lake in June. 
I have set a date for Friday, June 9th. We will leave the Weirs Beach dock at 9:55.
Save the date! We like to have as many parents as we can. It is a great way to meet the parents of new friends. 

International Baccalaureate (IB) authorization at Merrimack Valley Middle School has given us an opportunity to solidify best practices. 
Using standards based grading for formative and summative assessments helps us to represent student learning with mastery and highlight strengths and skills more clearly. 
Common Core State Standards help to ensure that all students are consistently receiving high quality education and prepare students to be college and career ready.
Smarter Balanced Assessments were given in the Spring to assess student learning.

Daily Schedule

Mrs. Piroso's Teaching Schedule 
Period 1: Math
Period 2: Team Planning
Period 3: Reading
Period 4: Math
Period 5: Math
Period 6: Math
Period 7: Content Planning
Period 8: Guided Study

 Pearson Realize Envisions Math 2.0
Our class is enrolled in a new online curriculum program for instruction and student assignments.  This program is offered by Pearson Education and accessed online using Pearson Realize.  Pearson Realize offers educational opportunities including helpful tools for students to revisit the daily lessons and practice standards learned while in class. 
To get started~ students have bookmarked Pearson Realize on their home page from their school Google account or can go to I have given each student a username and password. The formula for this is:
year of graduation first initial last  example:    passwords are given out personally. Please email me with any questions. A sample would be: PESpride23 for Penacook kids. BESpride23 for Boscawen kids, lespride#### for Loudon kids, WESpride23,for Webster, and SESpride23 for Salisbury kids. These were passwords setup last year. If your child is new to the district - their PW is MVMSpride23. Thank you.