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BLIZZARD BAG ASSIGNMENT- When a "Blizzard Bag Day" is assigned, it will be available online. If students do not have the current lesson with them at home (on paper) they can review the lesson and answer the "Practice Problem" questions from the online portal for the return of school. Math blizzard bag days are current and continue with the daily routines as a normal day. All assignments will be passed in on the next class day and graded as such.

2019 - 2020 - Mathematics
My goal for mathematics this year is to share this curriculum that encourages discourse and engagement at all levels. Students should feel a productive struggle and self efficiency as they change their thinking and mind set around learning problem-based, real-world contexts. Students will construct arguments, use precise mathematical language and ultimately make connections between concepts previously learned and procedures for future learning. 

2019-2020  Math Class Supplies
A supply list was sent home with each incoming 5th grade student in the Spring. This list included materials for our math class. It would be helpful for students to have the following in math class: 
Ear buds - to listen to interactive video lessons during class
1" binder to keep in class. Not color specific - unique is great-this will be used to collect work samples and assessments.
1 - 3-subject notebook / notes will be taken in class and we have 3 trimesters. This will be traveling with students to study notes for assessments and to use for homework practice but many times will stay in their 1 inch notebook in class.
Pencils - work will be completed in pencil to encourage "re-thinking" without scribbling out an answer. 
                     Thank you for helping our learners be successful ! 

Open Up Illustrative Mathematics- 
Math materials reflect the balance of the standards. Materials set rigorous student expectations and supports families outside the classroom with productive mathematical conversations and resources to help enrich student learning.

Open Up Review Videos:

Open Up Family  Resources:  
Open Up Student Materials: Homework can be found in the "Practice Problems"  https://im.openupresources.org/6/students/index.html 

Parent Math Academy: Math Parent Academy : An introduction to the math materials and resources will be held in October. This parent-only night will be held to help sixth grade parents experience our math instruction first hand. Watch for a notice that will be sent home mid-September on the planned date of Parent Academy.

Chess Club - The 2019 - 2020  MVMS Chess Club will begin the first Tuesday in October.  It meets from 2:30 and runs until late bus or 4:20 once a week until Thanksgiving week. We meet in room 119 ( Mrs. Piroso's classroom.) T-shirts will be available for purchase for $15.00. Email Mrs. Piroso at: bpiroso@mvsdpride.org if you have any questions. 

The 2019 annual cruise was held on  Friday June 7th. We had 185 students and 106 parents. It is a great way to meet the parents of new friends. We encourage sixth grade parents to plan to attend in June next year. I will update you with a date as soon as possible.

The Daily Schedule is detailed in "Important Information" on the left information bar.

Grading will be completed using formative and summative assessments which helps us to represent student learning with mastery and highlight strengths and skills more clearly. Homework will be graded. Weekly tasks will be given to utilize skills learned.
Common Core State Standards help to ensure that all students are consistently receiving high quality education and prepare students to be college and career ready.
NH-SAS -State Wide Assessments will be given in the Spring to assess student learning. These state tests are typically given during May.

Daily Schedule

Mrs. Piroso's Teaching Schedule 
Period 1: Math
Period 2: Content Planning
Period 3: Math Applications 
Period 4: Math
Period 5: Math
Period 6: Math Investigations
Period 7: Team Planning
Period 8: Guided Study/ Pride Block