Welcome to Kindergarten

I can't believe we are already in March!  We went on a great field trip to St. Paul's School to see the play "The Bremen Town Musicians ."  It was fantastic!  It was an interactive play and the children got to answer questions, dance and sang.  

The students are enjoying reading with their 4th grade buddy readers.  Not only are they reading together but they are also working on writing.  We are also working with a third grade class for reading.  The kindergarten students are learning a lot from their peers and are enjoying working with the older kids.  My students have learned about fiction/non-fiction, biographies and poetry.  This is a great learning experience for all children.

We have developed a community connection with a child development class from MVHS.  The class comes over once a week for an hour.  They will be coming over 4 times.  They helped us with math last week and this week they are going to read books they wrote for the kindergartners.  It is another great experience for both the younger and older students.

Movement Breaks

Sight Word Work Out

Subitize With Your Child

Mrs. LaBelle's Calendar

A Day in Kindergarten

Daily Schedule

8:40-9:00    Morning Meeting
                       -  community building
                          -  morning message
                          -  date/weather reporting  
                           - movement break

9:00-9:15       Phonics Lesson
9:15-10:00    Writer's Workshop
                         - phonics
                            - word work
                            - writing

10:00-11:00    Math

11:00-11:20    Snack

11:20-12:00    Special
                                Monday - Art
                                Tuesday - Library
                                Wednesday - P.E. (Sneakers)
                                Thursday - World Language
                                Friday - Music

12:00-12:50  Reading
                            - reading groups
                                - learning centers 
                                - reading interventions
12:55-1:20    Lunch

1:20-2:00     Reader's Workshop
                         - mini-lesson
                            - partner/private reading
                            - closure circle

2:00-2:15       End of day Wrap Up

2:15-2:45       Recess

2:45-3:00      Dismissal


We are "Readers" now!  The children are reading "just right books."  They go book shopping weekly and change out their book boxes.  We are using our reading super powers; pointer power, picture power, and talk power.  We are stretching out words and developing stamina to get through longer words.

We have begun our eighth topic in the enVision's math program.  At the beginning of each topic, I send home a parent letter and the vocabulary for the topic.  Be sure to look for it.  We are learning addition and subtraction and how to break apart numbers to see the different ways to make the number.    

We have begun writing books and writing in a daily journal.  The children love journal writing.  The next few weeks we are going to learn to write a book on one topic and then make a cover to match the book.  This has been very engaging for the students.

A topic that has come up is "fair doesn't mean equal."  We have been learning why each of us has needs that may not be the same as others.  Some of us may need more breaks, some may need special chairs and some may need to color in a journal to calm our bodies.  It has been a very important learning experience on tolerance, acceptance and empathy.  They are learning it is ok to advocate for themselves and let me know what they need to learn.  This has been a great community building experience.  

Helpful Information

Extra Clothes
Packing your child an extra pair of clothes is very helpful in Kindergarten.  Often times students are nervous to ask to use the bathroom or spill food or drink on themselves.  An extra set of clothes in their backpacks, allows the students to be able to change immediately.

Please know that your child should wear appropriate clothes for the weather.  This also includes appropriate shoe attire.   Flip flops are not encouraged.  They can make it difficult for children to be safe on the playground equipment.  It is also very helpful if you label your child's clothes.   

Scholastic Books
You can go online, anytime, to order books for your child.  Go the the website:  www.scholastic.com and enter the class code: MFR8Y.  I will then submit your order and it will be delivered to the school.