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  • June 6
    In reading we are working on reading fluently.  You will see lots of the red and white decodable books coming home!  When students have read the books fluently to us, they will be sent home to read to you at home and to keep.  Please keep them for practice over the summer!

    In writing, we have just started a unit on how-to writing.  Students are thinking about things they know how to do independently and then writing the steps to do those things.  

    In math, we have finished the kindergarten curriculum!!!  You may have noticed their math lessons look a little different now and that's because we are actually working on first grade math.  Our program is awesome in that it provides step-up lessons so kids can see what the math will be like next year in school.  The kids have been so excited to use the first grade lessons.

    In science, we are wrapping up our unit on plants and animals.  We planted seeds and put some in the dark and some in the light.  We are patiently wait to see those first sprouts come up.  When they do and we've learned about what plants need, we will begin our last unit on force and motion.

    The next two weeks are very busy for us!  We are having the Turtle Lady come on Friday for an in-school field trip.  We will also watch the graduating seniors from 
    Merrimack Valley High School walk through our school.  Monday, June 18 is Field Day, with a rain date of June 21. Before we know it, it will be June 22-the last day of school!
    Posted Jun 6, 2018, 8:56 AM by Katie Cleary
  • May 14
    I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Mother's Day.  This week we'll be very busy with wrapping up a math unit, reading unit and writing unit.  We will also be having Career Day on Wednesday.  All three kindergarten classes will travel to different areas of the school to hear from different presenters about a variety of jobs.  This is always a fun and informative day.  The kids will have paper bags of goodies from presenters, so please look for those on Wednesday afternoon to talk about with your child.  
    We are finishing up our math unit on analyzing and comparing shapes.  We've learned about ways shapes can be the same and different-including 2-D and 3-D, shapes that can roll, slide or stack, and what shapes the flat surfaces of 3-D shapes are.  We used wikki stix and toothpicks with hard marshmallows to create shapes as well.  It has been a very fun and hands-on unit. 
    We have only a few lessons left in our Avid Readers reading unit.  Right now students are working on being contributing members to a book club.  They're working on taking turns, sharing "wow" and "why?" parts with their clubs, and building conversations about the books they are reading. 
    In writing, we're continuing to learn about creating readable writing and revising to help with that.  We have started using revising pens to add in details we forgot when we first wrote stories in.  This is helpful to me to tell the difference between what was originally part of the story and what has been added in after the writer reflected on their true story.  
    We've also started a science unit on plants and animals.  We just started, but we've learned about how animals get food and what they eat.
    I just remembered to send home the homework for the month on Friday.  Please don't worry about doing the first week unless you have already done it.  This will be the last month for homework!
    Posted May 14, 2018, 9:20 AM by Katie Cleary
  • March 7
    I hope everyone had a nice vacation and got some rest and recovery from all those illnesses going around before vacation.  We've been having a nice week back so far!  This week we're learning about the letter Q and the number 19.  We've been reading books about ducks that quack! We are currently completing our math unit on writing and counting teen numbers.  For the remainder of the week we'll be starting a unit on composing and decomposing teen numbers to make sure students really know what a teen number is made of.  We heard our last family member presentation about jobs and the kids got to learn about a wide variety of jobs: police officer, dental hygienist, postmaster/postal carrier, army medic, U.S. Marshal, State Trooper, and there might be one or two more I'm forgetting!  This was a really fun unit for students and thanks again to the parents who were able to come in and share about their jobs.  The kids are really seeming to understand that there are many different kinds of jobs in the world and that we need many different people to do those jobs in order to be a community.  In reading, we are wrapping up a unit this week on using bigger reading muscles to read harder books.  
    Enjoy the snow tomorrow!
    Posted Mar 7, 2018, 9:09 AM by Katie Cleary
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