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8th Grade Science Course of Study

Scientific Method and the Immune System

Earth's Place in the Universe

-The Universe and Its Stars

-Earth and the Solar System

Matter and Its Interactions

-Structures and Properties of Matter

-Chemical Reactions

-Nuclear Processes

Molecules to Organisms

-Structure and Function

-Growth and Development of Organisms


-Inheritance of Traits

-Variation of Traits

Engineering, Technology, Science and Society

-Interdependence of Science, Engineering and Technology

-Influence of Engineering, Science and Technology on Society and the Natural World

Science class will focus on creating problem solvers for inside and out of the classroom.

Competencies for Science will be as follows...

1) Communication

2) Knowledge (Core Ideas)

3) Process Skills

In Science class students will be expected to demonstrate their ability to meet the competencies above. The level at which they do will be translated through points to a letter grade.

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule

Period One - Science

Period Two - Science

Period Three - Plan

Period Four - Science

Period Five - Science

Period Six - Plan

Period Seven - Science

Period Eight - PRIDE Block