Here we create awesome artwork!!  
Please check out our Artsonia website to see all grades and their artwork.  

This school year I will be posting artwork, websites, and other art information.  If anyone finds a great art resource, please let me know and I will add that to my list!

All students will be making portfolios to contain the artwork they make throughout the year.  These are kept in the art room should you want to look at your child's.  If your child's artwork is posted on Artsonia, you will see what they are doing along with the lesson that goes to it.

The year will focus on the elements of art with every grade level continuing from previous knowledge.
We will be looking at the art history time line which will include information about artists and about cultures.
We will also continue to experiment with art media and become very comfortable in working with art in various ways.

We will have an inquiry based classroom where I hope to have the students wonder, think, imagine, and ask.  There will also be collaborating on some projects as well as integrating academic subjects with art.

How do we assess your students?
All of our lessons and activities are designed to support and fulfill the National Core Arts Standards. You can view the standards at https://nationalartsstandards.org/

We have also created a list of "I can" statements and expectations per grade level that can be viewed here: Elementary Arts Competencies and I Can Statements

This document breaks down the Competencies you will see on your student's report card. Report Card Descriptors

Check this out!

The Crayon Box That Talked:  A Story, watch the following video:



Artists Grades k-5
Art students are creating many wonderful artworks. They are using their imagination, skills, and confidence that show their individual growth.
The basic concepts in art are the elements of art.
The Elements of Art are: 
              LINE   COLOR   TEXTURE   VALUE                            SHAPE   FORM   SPACE                            
These are taught at various grade levels.
Although a lot of these elements are included in many art lessons, not all are.  This is what they will discover in doing their personal art.  
Fifth grade students will have learned all of these elements so they are prepared for sixth grade art.