Classroom Update

November 12th, 2018

On this site I will give a general overview of what we are working on in the classroom. This should help you to be aware of what we are working on and talk to your child about their school day.

Phonics- We have now gone through each letter and reviewed the correct formation. This week we focused on the letters u,z and j. foWe have reviewing the sounds they make as well as practicing blending and making words with the letters of the week. 

Reading Workshop- We continue to work on our "Word Detective" unit. We are working on using all of our strategies to solve tricky words.Ask your child what they were. 

Writing- We wrapped up our "small moment " unit with a wonderful writing celebration. We are excited to begin our "How to" writing next.

Math- We are working on topic 3. We are focused on learning our doubles facts in a snap. In topic 3 we are learning many different strategies to add numbers. The number line has been one strategy and well as learning how to use an open number line. We have also added the strategy of making ten.

Social Studies- We are learning about maps and practicing map skills using direction.

LES Calendar

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:00 Morning work
9:00-9:10 Morning meeting
9:10- 9:40 Phonics
9:40-10:30 Reading Workshop
10:30-11:00 RTI
11:00-11:45 Writing
11:45-12:15 lunch
12:15-12:45 Recess
12:45-1:00 Shared Reading/ read aloud
1:00-1:40 Specials
1:40-2:00 snack
2:00-3:00 Math
3:00-3:15 Science /Social Studies
3:20-3:25 Get ready to go home
3:25 Dismissal

Monday- Art
Tuesday- Media Center
Wednesday- World Language
Thursday- Music
Friday- Gym