'Cosa misteriosa' (Mystery Thing) For grades 3, 4, and 5 to investigate lately has been something that grows in much warmer climates, gives us something we use almost every day, is very tall ...   
                                                                 ¿Qué es?
   Can you guess?


Hurray for cognates!
 … we find many Spanish and English words
sharing the same roots.

Hola  ~  Hello


      confundido  ~  confused

  delicioso  ~  delicious

                         frustrado  ~  frustrated

                                                                                                    soup ~  sopa!

               flores  ~  flowers


grande  ~  grand, big

¡Buenos días!  

It's SO nice to be back at BES and PES after 12 months!  The French teacher and I 'did the switch' the end of January, so I'll miss the great gang at LES, WES and SES! Buena suerte!

Kindergarteners  are soaking up Spanish color and number words, and are wonderful singers as well. All my estudiantes fabulosos are remembering many Spanish words and making connections between French and Spanish. 5th grade estudiantes are preparing their own lessons to teach first graders! Third-graders are working on Spanish calendar words and will soon start a weather project.

a favorite song ...    ¡Buenos días! (on RockaLingua)

another favorite ...   Los doce meses del año

And our 'western colors and numbers' song  'Western colores y numeros'

Vowel song, anyone?  ...  Spanish VOWELS!