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May/June News

Friday, June 2nd

What We’ve Been Learning:

Reading: As we become “avid readers,” we have learned that readers read a lot of different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. During our work with non-fiction books, we learned about reading for information and becoming experts on topics. The students did a great job creating and presenting a group project on a specific topic that was interesting to them. As we explore poetry, we are practicing our fluency and expression when reading familiar poems aloud.

Writing: We are learning to write “all about” books. Students will begin the unit by writing a book all about themselves! Students are working on writing information about themselves, their hobbies, friends, families, likes, and dislikes.

Math: We are learning to skip count by 10’s, use a hundreds chart to recognize patterns, count to 100 by 1’s, and count on by 10’s and 1’s from a given number.

Social Studies: Students have been reflecting back on how much they have learned and grown this year in Kindergarten. We drew a self-portrait and compared it to our portrait done at the beginning of the year. Wow! What a difference! Please continue to work at home with your child on their Important Milestone Timelines.

Reminder: Please pack your child with a water bottle and appropriate shoes for the playground.

Upcoming Dates:

June 6th: Field Trip to the Capital Center for the Arts. Please return permission slip if you haven’t already.

June 9th: Important Milestone Timelines are due.

June 16th: Field Trip to the NH Audubon Center. Parents are welcome to attend.

June 19th: Field Day

June 23rd: Last day of school and report cards go home.

Mrs. Livolsi  :)

April News

Thursday, April 20th

What We’ve Been Learning:

Reading: As we become “avid readers,” we are beginning to read closely and think deeply about our books. We are learning to walk in the character’s shoes and really think about how they are feeling and why. We are doing a great job working in book clubs, and have learned a variety of games and activities we can do to share the love of reading with others.

Word Work: This month we have learned the letters Yy and Zz. We have now learned every letter of the alphabet! We also introduced the sight word MY. We continue to work on blending cvc words. This month we focused on the -at and -ap word families.

Writing: We wrapped up our unit on writing “How To” books. Students did a great job writing down the steps and using pictures to support their writing. We continue to use our resources (abc chart, sight word list, blends and digraphs chart) to help us become more independent in our writing.   

Math: We just started Topic 9, which is all about identifying, counting and writing numbers 11-20. So far students have worked on numbers 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15.

Science: In science we are wrapping up our unit on life cycles. The students really enjoyed watching their plants grow over the past 20 days! We recorded our observations in our planting journals to document the journey from seed to plant. The plants and journals will be going home with students today.

I hope you all have a safe, fun, and relaxing April vacation!

Mrs. Livolsi  :)

March News

What We’ve Been Learning:

Reading: We have been practicing using our “extra strength” powers when reading harder and harder books. This means previewing the page for snap words, using the whole picture to figure out unknown words, and making predictions about what might happen next. As our books become less patterned, we call on our extra strength reading powers to help us. We are also practicing using our extra strength book talk power. This means being able to retell important parts of the story in order, talking about our favorite part of the book, the characters and their feelings, and how the book made you feel.

Word Work: This month we have learned the letters Uu, Vv, Ww, and Xx. We also learned the sight word not. We reviewed the sight words on, a, and has. We also began blending CVC words with the sounds /s/, /m/, /a/, /t/, /h/, and /p/.

Writing: We are currently in the process of writing “How-To” books. We began the unit with a shared writing of how to make a snowman. The students then chose their own topic to write about. We are working on using pictures and words to write out the steps of our topic.  

Math: We are currently in Topic 8 which is more work with addition and subtraction. In this unit we are working on writing addition and subtraction equations, solving related facts, breaking numbers into part-part models, and reasoning about numbers and operations.

Science: In science we are learning about life cycles. So far we have explored the life cycle of a frog and an oak tree. We planted green bean seeds to watch them as they grow. We will record our observations in our scientific journals. We are learning what plants need in order to grow, and practicing responsibility as we care for our plants.

I have really enjoyed meeting with parents over the past few weeks. Report cards will be going home on Friday, March 31st.

Mrs. Livolsi  :)

February News

What We’ve Been Learning:

Reading: As the students begin to read harder books, they have learned that they must use ALL their powers to help them. We are starting to read words with initial consonant blends and digraphs, which means we need to use our extra strength sound power. We also learned that we need to look at the WHOLE word, and not just the beginning sound. We continue to stop and check our reading to make sure the word not only makes sense, but that it looks right. We are practicing stopping and going back to fix our reading when something doesn’t seem right.  

Word Work: This month we have learned the letters Rr, Ss, and Tt. We have learned the sight words at, like, and too. We continue to practice the sight words previously introduced.

Writing: Using both words and pictures, we have been journaling about the community helpers presentations. After each presentation, we have been writing and drawing about something we learned or found interesting. So far we have had presentations on a police officer, animal trainer, construction worker, and karate instructor. When we are writing, we are continuing to work on expressing our ideas and writing down the sounds we hear in each word.

Math: We finished up our unit on addition and are now working on Topic 7-Subtraction. We have learned how to use our fingers to help us subtract, as well as using counters or other objects. We are learning how to take apart a number and tell the parts. We will continue our work with subtraction after the break.

February is I Love to Read month! We have had a great time celebrating reading this week! Don’t forget to send in your reading logs on Friday!

Have a great vacation...See you in March!

Mrs. Livolsi

Friday, February 17th

Monday is “Read on the Beach Day!”

Students are encouraged to bring in a beach towel and their favorite book. We will be “reading on the beach” during Reader’s Workshop!

Monday, February 13th

We have an exciting and busy week coming up in Kindergarten!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Please remember to send your child with their valentine cards and favorite fruit for our friendship fruit salad.

Due to snow days, our 100th day will be Thursday, February 16th. Please remember to send your child with their collection of 100 items. Also, don't forget to help your child count out 100 small snack items for our 100th day snack.

Upcoming Events:

February is an exciting month in Kindergarten!

Day 100

Can you believe it’s almost the 100th day of Kindergarten?!

Mrs. Livolsi’s class will be celebrating this milestone on Monday, February 13th (unless there are more snowdays, which will push the 100th day back.)

  • As part of the festivities, we will be showcasing a 100 collection project.  These projects can be collections of anything (noodles, stickers, buttons, marbles, legos, etc.) Please work with your child to count out exactly 100 items. On the 100th day these projects will be on display for our “100th Day Parade.”

  • We also will be creating a “100th Day” snack.  Please bring in a baggy of 100 small snack items to mix into our snack. Some examples would be pieces of cereal, pretzels, popcorn, chocolate chips, skittles,etc.  We will mix these all together and share!

Valentine’s Day

Mrs. Livolsi’s class will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Tuesday, February 14th. We will celebrating our friendships by passing out cards and enjoying a special snack.

I am asking each student to bring in a favorite fruit. Please make sure the fruit is washed, peeled, and cut if applicable. We will be mixing the fruit together to make friendship fruit salad.

Please make sure your child has a card for everyone.

Thank you for your help in making Valentine’s Day special!

Stay tuned for LES loves to read week, which will be the last week before February Vacation. Don't forget to keep reading and logging your books in the reading log sent home!

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:00: Arrival 
9:00-9:10: Morning Meeting
9:10-9:30: Word Work
9:30-10:00: Reader's Workshop
10:00-10:30 Small Group Reading Support
10:30-10:45: Morning Break
10:45-11:30: Writing
11:30-12:00: Lunch
12:00-12:30: Recess
12:30-12:45: Quiet Time
12:45-1:45: Math
1:45-2:25: Special
2:25-2:40: Snack
2:40-3:15: Free Choice Time
3:15-3:25: Pack-Up/Dismissal

Specials Schedule
Monday: Gym
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: World Language
Friday: Library