Welcome to a new year! 

January has already exceeded expectations in winter conditions so be sure your child comes prepared with all the necessary snow gear to play outside. Naturally we will not be outside in below zero conditions, but as New Englanders we realize that a very cold beginning of the day can turn into a sunny, balmy 30 degree afternoon. If you would rather have your child leave his/her snowpants, etc at school during the week just drop me an email or note letting me know. I will send everything home on Friday or before an anticipated snow day. It is a lot for these kids to carry back and forth.

We are now beginning a very exciting reading and writing project as the children explore informational text and write factual information. I'm sure you have noticed that first graders  feel that they know a lot about everything these days! We are also working more on spelling strategies, ending punctuation and editing their work! 

In math, we continue to work on solving word problems, finding the missing number in equations and determining if equations are true or false. As always, please keep practicing those math facts and if they are secure in facts to 10, then by all means keep challenging them to get to the facts to 20!

 I am doing my best to keep our classroom a healthy one so if you are able to send in a container of wipes, I promise to be diligent in using them! We all need a healthy winter. On a final note, I thank all of you for your kind thoughts last month, I am now a proud Grandma of a healthy baby girl. She's tiny but feisty! 

Happy New Year to all! Let's keep in touch!


First Grade Calendar

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:45- 9:05 Morning Routine
9:05-9:30 Morning meeting
9:40-10:25 Reader's Workshop
10:25-11:30 Writing Workshop
11:30-12:30 lunch and recess
12:15 -12:30 Read aloud
12:30-1:00 Shared Reading/IB inquiry time
1:00-1:40  Specials
1:40-2:00 snack
2:00-3:00 Math
3:00-3:15 Wrap up/IB time
3:25 Dismissal

               Monday        Physical Education
Tuesday       Music 
             Wednesday    Art                     
          Thursday    World Language
        Friday   Media Center