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Classroom Schedule 2017 - 2018

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:15: Morning Work
9:15-9:45: Word Work
9:45-10:25: Writing
10:25-11:05:  Specials
Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Music
Friday - World Language
11:05-11:25 - Snack
11:25-12:25 - Reading 
12:25-1:00 - RTI
1:00-2:00 - Lunch then Recess
2:00 - 3:15 - Math
3:15 - Get ready for dismissal
Every other Friday - Book buddies with Mrs. Roberge's 1st grade students @ 2:45!
Science/Social Studies are integrated into all subjects and are also done on non-rti days

Questions on the Schedule?  I can be reached at
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Classroom Updates

Students have now been given account usernames and passwords.  We ask that students try to complete 2-3 sessions per week at home.  Please let me know through email if you need help accessing the website or need the username and password!  I'd be more than happy to help you out!

Below students are working on their writing assignments.  We are working on informational writings.  Students had the choice of topic they felt most comfortable with to write a short non-fiction informational book.  They are still a work-in-progress but they are doing excellent on them!  I also included a zoomed in picture of what a picture in the story may look like.  I can't wait for the students to share their books so we can learn from them!

Using Fraction strips to understand equivalent fractions.  These are VERY helpful tools for students to be able to see/visualize the fractions.

This picture was priceless!  Two students are just "hanging out" outside during recess.

Lost in a good book...

Below, students used writing objects to choose from to compare and contrast during their writing assignments.

Science!!!  Students use the EDP (Engineering Design Process) to follow to come up with solutions to problems.  Below is an example of the EDP.

Below students are modeling how sound travels.  The student on the left, the speaker makes a noise (bumps adjacent student), the air blobs, then this continues down the line to the windshield.  As part of the lesson, students watched a video of a car with speakers.  Ask your child about it and ask them what happened to the windshield.

Can you hear me now?!  Students have been learning about sound and how it travels.  Does sound travel better through rope, floss, yarn?  We learned that floss was definitely the winner!

Sam and Cam are developing some categories for their sticky notes.  Essentially, students are taking all the individual notes, put them together, then conclude about what they've researched - to come up with a theory.

Word work time!  Each week (for the most part) students sort their words and find new word patterns.  The idea of word work may seem all about spelling, but really it's understanding the patterns in the words!

Below students are showing maps of their famous explorer's missions/travels.  Students not only learned about their famous explorers and why they explored, but at the same time they were able to learn some geography.

All students acted out a reading article from the Revolutionary War.  Some students performed Paul Revere's famous ride and others did King George and the British.  Students had a blast and the plays were not only creative, but also very funny!  Great job!

Below is a picture of a game we played in class called "Guess my number".  Students could only ask yes or no questions.  For example "Does my number have a decimal point?" or "Is there a tenths spot?".  The idea is to use all the math vocabulary but doing so in a fun way :)

Below are 4 guest readers that we had in the classroom.  Students learned anything from the Revolutionary War all the way to different types of pasta!  We learned some new characters and really enjoyed the parents coming in to read :) :) :)

Winter Olympics!  Mr. Raymond's class took on Mrs. Beatty's class in the winter Olympics.  On Friday before vacation it is the teachers vs. a fifth grade class.  I have a feeling the 5th graders may win ;)

In the two pictures below, students are actively engaged in an activity called "Never, Sometimes, or Always."  They are given a question (below is an example for you to see), and students have to decide and defend their answers by responding that the statement is either never true, sometimes true, or always true.  At parent math night, this is one of the activities we will be doing as a group! :)  More information on the math night coming shortly as I'm still in the planning stages of it!  It is going to be a blast and I'm looking forward to it as are the students!!!!!

Below, a student is presenting her natural disaster research project.  This was a culminating event for the hard work that ALL students put forth in their research projects!  Each student presented to practice their presentation skills.  Takes a lot of courage for the students to get up their in front of their class!  They did a great job!

You may wonder, "So what does Reflex Math look like or sound like in the classroom?"  Here is picture to give a sliver of insight into this question.  Students have computer and headphones (they may bring in their own headphones to keep at school if they'd like), and are given a few opportunities during the week to work on their math facts.  Research clearly shows that the more fluent they are with their facts, the easier other skills become as they are able to put more energy into solving the problem at hand vs. the energy needed for math facts retrieval.  

In our reading unit, students were to research a natural disaster of their choice.  Students used library books and were provided websites from Mr. Raymond to choose and search from.  Students recorded their notes in a "Boxes and Bullets" format and had to create subheadings.  Students will be presenting their findings to the class as well.  They did an excellent job on their research and we learned some very interesting things such as "volcanoes are observed by scientists using satellites" and "some people around the world like floods due to farming reasons".  We had a fun time and students learned to look at their disasters from different perspectives as well from around the world.

In the pictures below, students are given a card and have to respond by saying "Never, sometimes, or always".  This really gets the students talking deeply about math while using math vocabulary in their arguments when defending their reasons.  An example is shown for you below.  Lots of fun and excellent discussion! :) :) :)

Having fun in the snow outside!  Sometimes, students need a break from all that hard work in the classroom!  Great to see them smiling and enjoying the outdoors :)

Below, students are creating a journal entry into their "Reading Think Books".  They reflect back on discussions they just had about their books, and write down any new thoughts, ideas, predictions, wonderings, etc. they may have on their books based on the discussion.

Students work on plotting volcanoes around the world.  Using a map key, they had to map out coordinates such as (K,5) or (B,3) and draw a small red triangle to represent the volcanoes.  Then, students looked for patterns across the world to predict where future volcanoes may show up or erupt!  Fun, fun, fun!  We learned A LOT!!!

Below, students make thin lava and thick lava.  Blowing through the straw creates gases that enter into the lava.  Kids see how hard it is to blow on the thick vs. thin lava.  At the end of the lesson, we connected this fact with the pressure and amount of gas that builds, creating an eventual explosive eruption!

Gingerbread man decorating.  Yummmmmmmmy!

Below are some pictures of our erosion table.  Students help in the creating of this by sanding down the blocks of wood (weathering of rocks) to make them smooth, then we turned them into buildings for our actual erosion experiment.  Ask your child what they learned about erosion!

In the two pictures below, students are reflecting on their opinion writings.  Using a rubric and a little bit of color, students are marking things they did in one color, and things they'd like to work on using the second color.  This required students to look closely at their writings and truly be reflective of themselves as writers and on the writing process. 

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!  Students were catching fish and frogs using a fishing pole made with a paperclip!  This center activity was used to practice the three ways of multiplication.  Students wore fish hats as an added bonus ;)

One of our math-a-magicians working hard on his math review before the big test!

Believe it or not, below is a multiplication shower curtain!  Many kids have expressed interest in these.  This was purchased on Amazon.  Kids love the ¨bigness¨ and color of the chart as it can be seen from a distance (and also the fact it´s a shower curtain!)

Below, Representative ¨K¨, is proposing a bill to his peer representatives.  If it gets passed, the bill will go to the senate (other side of room) to be discussed and voted on, then the governor.

Today at school students participated in the turkey trot.  This involved being chased by a turkey with an accompanying chef!  Students started behind the playground, ran up the dirt road adjacent to the school, then ended with a loop around the soccer fields.  It was nice to get everyone outside for a little exercise :).

Students are working on a robotic hand during science.  The idea was to understand how our own hands work and why.  It was a blast and the kids learned a lot from this lesson!

Students use food oil/q-tip to "paint" in their bones on one side of the paper, and then flip it over.  Once finished and dry, we placed on the window to allow light to flow through the bones to see them.

As part of our unit on systems and government, this is a picture of students in the Senate room at the state house.  We saw the house of representative room, Hall of Flags with REAL flags from the Civil War (!!!), and here students sit in real NH state senators seats!!!  

This is a picture of our math center involving multiplication facts and a flashlight.  Students are given a fact and have to shine the light on the correct product (apple).  Hands on, fun, and engaging!
Our field trip to the fire station was a hit.  The students were well behaved and we learned how and in what order our town processes an emergency.  VERY interesting.  Ask your child what 63A1 means :)

Today we picked 20-30 pounds of carrots out of one of the raised garden beds.  This food will go to the Concord Friendly Kitchen :)

Below are a few pictures of today's adventure into the outdoor classroom on LES school grounds.  If you haven't been there before, ask your child to bring you up!  It is a very nice and relaxing area for the students to work in.  Today we focused on some math and in the future I will bring students back for a few lessons on the three branches of government as there are 3 main sections of the outdoor classroom.

Students are working at our classroom writing center.  Special tools including gel pens, special paper and many more items can be used during writing time only.

Students are working on "systems".  We are understanding what a system is, how they work, and what the reasons are for having them.  Currently, students are coming up with ways and ideas we can improve our writing center system above!  Once we share these ideas, we will make changes.  Eventually, systems will lead into our state government system and how it works!

Cutting out words for word work!

Team exercise.  This activity is called Chocolate Lava.  It is meant to bring together the students in a way that encourages communication, teamwork, and cooperation!
Saving Sam.  This was activity that we did in small groups.  Students had to save Sam the worm by putting his life jacket (gummy lifesaver) around Sam (gummy worm).  The cup was the boat, the paperclips were the oars.  Students could only touch the oars to complete this challenge.
Sometimes it's good be serious...and sometimes it's good to be funny!!!