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Classroom Schedule 2017 - 2018

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:15: Morning Work
9:15-9:45: Word Work
9:45-10:25: Writing
10:25-11:05:  Specials
Monday - Art
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Media Center
Thursday - Gym
Friday - World Language
11:05-11:25 - Snack
11:25-12:15 - Reading 
12:15-12:45 - RTI
12:45-1:45 - Lunch then Recess
1:45 - 3:15 - Math
3:15 - Get ready for dismissal
Every other Friday - Book buddies with Mrs. Roberge's 1st grade students @ 2:45!
Science/Social Studies are integrated into all subjects and are also done on non-rti days

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Classroom Updates

VOLUNTEERING:  If you are interested in volunteering, you will need to be fingerprinted ahead of time (weeks).  Please contact Mrs. Muzzey at 783-4400 and she will get to you the proper information necessary!  The process includes a trip to the SAU for fingerprinting.  Let me know if you have any questions about this and I'd be happy to help out as well!

Students had a hands on lesson on one of our state's natural resources.  Below are pieces of ash bark.  We learned about the emerald ash borer and it's effect on the ash tree found right here in NH.  We learned it's important to protect our natural resources to the best of our abilities.  Students were VERY INTRIGUED by the patterns the borer creates!

Below are four math centers we rotated through the other day.  The first picture is students working on using just the number 4 to get answers equal to 1 through 20.  For example, 4/4=1 or 4x4=16.  Some of them were much harder than others we discovered.

Below students are working on reflex math.  Their math facts have improved tremendously :)

Rope Number Line!
What is this?  This is a rope where we imagine the left side is "0" and the right side is "1".  The goal is to get an index card with a fraction on it, and place it on the rope (number line) of where it should go and why.

And of course...sometimes we need to use the good ole' fashioned math book in centers.  

In the pictures below, students are sharing their work with other students in the classroom.  What the students are working on is thinking about and choosing a thesis statement based on some reading they've done.  Once they have their thesis they will write about it.  This is NOT easy work and the students have worked VERY hard on this and I am VERY proud of them.  Thesis statements are definitely not an easy thing to write, especially in fourth grade!  The students were excited to share their writing ideas with other.

You will also see one picture mixed in below from the fraction trail mix day from yesterday (Thursday).  Students were able to choose a "fraction wheel/plate" of 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, or 1/6.  If they chose 1/2, they selected 2 ingredients and were able to get a good amount of those ingredients.  If they chose 1/6, they got 6 choices but could only get a little bit of those ingredients.  Students learned from this exercise that although the 6 in 1/6 seems like more than 2 in 1/2, the larger the denominator, the smaller it's size!  Students had a great time choosing things to put in their mix and Mrs. Beatty and I thank all the parents for their generous donations!

Working hard on their math.  We just finished up a unit on division.  Our next focus in math will be using the four operations to become better problem solvers!

Every morning, students sit adjacent with one another and always dive into a good book.  Nothing beats getting lost in a great book while letting your imagination take over :)
Rollercoaster ride!  I projected a rollercoaster video on youtube that put the students in the seats of the coaster.  In this picture, students were going down a hill really fast!  We tied this into our energy unit before students created a marble coaster of their own.

Below students are sharing their persuasive essays with other students.  They did a great job with their writings.  When we finished our writings, students had to self-assess using a rubric to see areas they are doing great at in their writing as well as areas needing improvement.  

In the pictures below, students worked very hard all day on their word work, reading, and math.  To end the day off, we did some tinkering and inquiring on some everyday objects.  Below are parts and pieces from a tv I took apart.  We looked at the circuit boards and also connected a battery to the tv speakers to see what would happen.  The other picture is of a small windmill that when turning, the light bulb connected will light up!

I don't usually take pictures of recess so I figured "Why not?!"  Below are a few students playing around - the fun part of being a kid...!

As I was walking the hallway the other day, the art work that Mrs. Patnaude had hung up caught my attention.  I was very impressed to say the least.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was actually our classes work!!!  I had to take a picture and send this to everyone.  Students did a fantastic job!

Nothing beats getting "lost" in a great book!

Last week we did a jeopardy game to practice our multiplication.  It was the boys vs. girls as this is what they voted for and we had a blast playing :) :) :)

Another tinkering photo!  Sorry, not sure how it ended up down here?!

Here is a picture of an example graphic organizer web that the students worked on.  The idea behind this activity was to bring attention to all the things we read every single day without realizing it that are non-fiction.  We are surrounded by A LOT more non-fiction that we had realized.

Volcanoes and Lava!  Does anything get any better than that when you're in fourth grade?!  (No it doesn't!)
Students make thin and thick lava and used a straw to blow bubbles in both of them.  Students were investigating the pressure and energy it takes to make each bubble up.  Surprisingly the thick lava was much more difficult than anticipated!

We went to the maker space lab and used some new tools we have at school called "make-do" kits.  These are also available on Amazon for 15.  We used screwdrivers, saws, screws and much more to build cardboard structures.  All tools are safe to use.  The challenge?  Students had to work in small groups to build a three level marble run where the marble had to land securely at the bottom without rolling anywhere.  We had A LOT of fun with the new tools!

Below are pictures from our state house visit.  What you actually see in the background is the treasurer's vault from over a 100 years ago.  It is two levels!  

Word work - students are testing each other on their words.  :)

Below are pictures from our spider science experiment.  The question we were wondering about was "What is the biggest spider in the world?"  After investigating this question, students constructed their very own spider.  By moving the ruler which is connected to the strings, we were able to move the spider!  Students had a blast with this and it was fun to change the speed of the spider moving along the string!

Having some good old fun! :) :) :)

Next week the fourth grade will be visiting the state house in Concord on Thursday.  We will see the House of Representatives room, the Senate room, where the executive council meets, and the Hall of Flags when you first enter the building.  Before we go, students have been working on researching the three branches of government with partners.  A lot of work, but we are learning a lot from our research!

I can't say it enough - we LOVE using the board to show our work!

Below is a picture of a recent "number talk" we did as a class.  The idea of these is to do mental math and learn strategies from other students to become more fluent and efficient math students.  Students have caught on really quickly and quite honestly they have far exceeded my expectations with these, given it's our first week of doing them!  You will see a list of language starters in the second picture below.  We try to follow these while discussing our ideas.

On our field trip to Canterbury Shaker Village, students explored the grounds and the many aspects to the way in which the Shakers lived and performed their daily routines.  We visited the main dining hall where the Shakers had to eat without talking, the herb garden, the vegetable garden, the kitchen, food pantry, woodworking building, the fabric barn, word/ink press room, and we also observed a volunteer make one of their famous brooms.  Although it was rather chilly out, the students made the best of it and had a great time.  To end the trip, students were shown how the Shakers folded paper to make seed packets.  They were one of the first in the world to do so!

Below students are in a math station working on their reflex math.  This is a great way to improve their facts fluency!  Students are able to sign in at home anytime to work on their facts!  

In the picture below, students are working on a math center called "Number Tiles".  Students are given number tiles 1-9 and have to add any three numbers plus 3 more numbers to make a 3 digit sum.  If they figured out a solution, they wrote it on the easel in the background.

In the math station below, the students are playing a game that involved subtraction but with many 0's in the top number.  These can be difficult when borrowing so we decided to put in some extra practice.

The next several pictures are the students working in the "Maker Spaces" lab.  This is place where we create, design, and build things.  In this challenge, students had to use their feet to launch a ping pong ball into the air and then had to catch it as well.  Students learned quite a bit about levers as well as working well in teams!  All groups had a high level of success which was great to see!  We teamed up with Mrs. Beatty's class during this challenge.

This week we worked on a lot of different things.  In math, we've been working on making estimates and using mental math to add and subtract.  
In writing, we have been finalizing our narrative writings and have been working on our final drafts.  The students did an excellent job with these, especially when it came time to proofread, edit, and revise their work!  They kept an open mind about the feedback they were given and made some great changes.  

Next week we will be visiting the "Maker Space" lab to do a science experiment involving levers.  Students will be have to launch a ping pong ball using their foot into the air high enough to be able to catch.  They will plan and engineer a way to do this, will test out their ideas, then fix any problems encountered, then test again!  This will definitely be a fun experience for the all the students!

Below are pictures of the students playing a memory contraction matching game.  They had to match by picking up cards like "have not" and "haven't".  Students had fun playing and learned a lot about where the apostrophe goes and how it takes the place of the letter or letters that disappear.  I have to be honest, many of their facial expressions had me laughing pretty hard!

Below you will find new pictures of students working on writing this week.  We have been working very hard at proofreading our own work, other student's work, as well as work by Mr. Raymond!  Ask your child if it is better to proofread quietly, or with a "one foot voice".  Students worked extremely hard on their narrative writings and I am VERY impressed by everyone's hard work.  They did an awesome job and I couldn't be more proud of them!!!

Below is a student using one of our writing tools in the classroom which is a word wheel.  The idea of the word wheel is to challenge and expand your child's vocabulary and to "spice up" their writing!  Students are also allowed to use a computer to go on which is also an online thesaurus.

Time for some buddy editing!  Students exchange their writing to have their peers edit their work.  Sometimes it's hard to find our own mistakes so we use each other to help out with that.

Below is picture of a student using our interactive board to show his math work.  This is a new technology (to our classroom) this year and the students have really taken to it and are learning much faster on it than I ever could!

Below is character that Mr. Raymond, with the help of the class, created before writing a fictional narrative story.  Andrewl is a superhero with great powers.  Ask your child what superpowers Andrewl possesses!

Working on reading.  Below is also a picture of what a student book box looks like.  They keep their reading books, reading journal and folder, as well as sticky notes inside to have everything in one place.

Students wanted to take a picture with Meccanoid, a robot donated to the school by a generous Loudon community member.  Meccanoid can give high fives, hugs, kung fu, dance, and many more things!

Meccanoid being a great role model for our students by reading a good book during our reader's workshop!