Classroom & Grade Level

Classroom Schedule 2016 - 2017

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:15: Morning Work
9:15-9:40: Morning Meeting
9:40-10:20 Specials
Monday - Music
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - World Language
Friday - Gym

10:20-11:20 - Math
11:20-11:35 - Snack
11:35 - 12:30 - Word Work/Writing
12:30-1:30 - Lunch/Recess
1:30 - 2:30 - Reader's Workshop
2:30 - 2:50 - Get ready for dismissal on RTI days/Write in our homework agendas
2:50 - 3:20 - RTI (M, T, Th)
Every other Friday - Book buddies with Mrs. Roberge's 1st grade students
Science/Social Studies are integrated into all subjects and are also done on non-rti days

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What We Are Learning

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Classroom Updates

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Welcome Parents and Family!  Below this brief introduction, you will have the opportunity to check in periodically throughout the year to view pictures and descriptions as the year progresses.  The pictures give a quick snapshot of what your child is doing in school.  As always, email or call if you ever have any questions or suggestions of what type of content you'd like to see on our classroom website.  I also included a tiny "about me" section so you can get to know your teacher better.  Enjoy!

Presenting our personal narratives!!!

Goin' Fishin'!  Today in math, students went fishing for multiplication problems.  A paperclip attached to a string on a pole with magnets on the fish meant a great time for the students with their learning!  Here are a few pictures of today's fishing trip!

What is math without applying real world applications?  Sometime students ask "Why are we learning this Mr. Raymond?".  My response is usually with a math problem vs. just words as an answer.  Below is a problem we did to show the adding and subtracting decimals unit we are currently in does indeed have a great level of authentication!  The question was as follows:  "Mr. Raymond has a 20$ bill.  Use estimation to see if he has enough money for Lowe's, and if he does have enough money, will he be able to buy a coffee after Lowe's for $2.67?"

Math time!  "Guess My Number"
This game was played today to help students use their math vocabulary as well as realize the important of using their math words.  Students had to ask yes/no questions to other students to deduce what their final number was.  For example, a student may have the number 45.73 on their back.  The student may ask "Does my number have a numerator in it?" or "Does my number have a tens place?"  Long story short, students had a BLAST and we created a Wordle from all the math terms students came up with!!!  I must say, I was truly inspired and impressed by their hard work with this activity!

Sorry for the sideways picture.  The picture uploaded normal, then for some reason it flips it!!!  Below is a math lesson from this week on using manipulatives to add and subtract decimals.  Visual learning is a HUGE aspect to children learning their math.  If they can see the numbers with a visual, then they can mentally understand and "assign" values to the numbers, bringing them more to life!

Sometimes we just all need to have a little laugh every now and then... :)

Artist in Residence, Michael Lang, visited 5th grade this week.  Although he only played guitar for 2 minutes at the end of his lesson, he gave the students powerful strategies to use in their writings!  He will be coming back for one more visit.

Book Buddies with Mrs. Roberge's First graders!

Descriptive Writing:  
Students went to the outdoor classroom which is located atop the hill adjacent to the soccer fields.  We collected items found in nature and will do a descriptive writing on the items.  The goal is to write a paragraph about the item, read it to the class, and have them guess what that item is.  Here is a picture of students gathering items:

Cup Stacking Challenge!  To build classroom community and to encourage teamwork and collaboration skills, students had to stack 6 cups in the shape of a 3-2-1 pyramid.  The catch?  They can not use their hands; only their string which is attached to a rubber band.  Students had a blast and we reflected after the activity on went well and why, as well as areas needing improvement.

Tangled-Untangled!  This game was done during one of our morning meetings.  The goal is to get untangled into the shape of a circle.  Students are not allowed to detach their hands from the circle while untangling!