Functional Skills Program

    Many of the students in the Functional Skills Program are on a non-traditional graduation track.  Some may extend their time at MVHS past the traditional 4 years in order to  use the extra time to earn sufficient credits in order to receive a High School diploma or complete a specialized program based on their specific needs.
    A  major component of the program is community based work experiences. Several students are scheduled outside of the building during the week.  Sites include  Hannaford Supermarkets, Roberts' Green House , WIC, Friends of Forgotten Children,PCC,  Merrimack County Nursing Home, Agway and the local food pantry. 
 Some of our students participate in the Unified Basketball program as well as take part in many school-wide activities .

schedule 2017-2018

Block 1    Functional Skills Math and Reading 
Block 2    Academic Support/Reading/vocational activities
Block 3    Academic Support /Transitional activies 
Block 4   /Academic Support