Mrs. Pelletier's Schedule 
Term 1 
        Block 1: food choices
        Block 2: food choices 
        Block 3: food choices
        Block 4: prep
   Term 2 
         Block 1: food choices
         Block 2: prep 
         Block 3: food choices
         Block 4: food choices 

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Food choices

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition and food preparation. The focus of the course is centered on healthy food and lifestyle choices. 

The overall goal is to enhance students knowledge of their food choices and motivate students to improve their choices.

Child Development:

This course introduces students to the importance of responsible parenting and its effect on child development. The course focuses on development from conception through the age of six. Careers within the Child Development field will be explored. Students are required to provide their own guided experiences in child care outside the school setting.


This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of housing – exploring housing options, house styles, floor plans and living spaces. Each student will design his/her own house plans and learn interior decorating techniques for that plan. 

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