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Boscawen Elementary School

Monthly News

December 2017

Dear Boscawen Families,

It’s hard to believe that December is already here and the holiday season is well upon us. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for Boscawen Elementary School. I continue to be amazed by the willingness of our families to work together to make this school the best it can be. We are lucky to have a wonderful staff that truly cares about each child and families that support us like one of their own. Together we are truly the BEST!

We are on a quest to find all of our incoming kindergarten students (children who will be five years old by September 30th are eligible for kindergarten) for the 2018-2019 school year. We have had several people indicate they will have a new kindergarten student enrolling next year but as we prepare for our registration, we want to make certain that we get information on all students. If you or someone you know has a child entering kindergarten in the fall please let us know by filling out and returning the slip at the bottom of the page or by calling the school at 753-6512. 

Our third PTA meeting of the school year took place on Thursday, November 16th and we would like to THANK everyone who attended. The next PTA Meeting will be on Thursday, January 18th from 6-7pm and all are welcome to attend.

The weather has started to turn colder. Please don’t forget to make sure your child comes to school with the proper clothing to participate in recess.

Don’t forget, we are on vacation beginning Monday, December 25th and returning to school on Tuesday, January 2nd.  Have a safe and wonderful vacation.  


IB News – The Learner Profile – Part 4

This week we will look closely at an important attribute of the Learner Profile.  Now that our students have a strong knowledge base through their inquiry and critical thinking skills, we want them to be Communicators.  In the 21st century it is important to be able to communicate in more that one language.  Be sure to ask your student, first through fifth graders, if they are attending French or Spanish classes!  They will have the opportunity to study a foreign language right up through 12th grade.  Perhaps, even more important than speaking a foreign language is the ability to be a confident communicator in English. Across the curriculum students will have the opportunity to work with others to make presentations that will share their knowledge.  Students will be encouraged and required to make these presentation in different forms: speeches, powerpoints, videos, skits, poetry, art and sculpture, dance, posters, or news broadcasts.  The more creative they become in presentations, the more confident they will become as communicators.

Nancy Webster, PYP Coordinator        Questions?  Email me at


Important Upcoming Dates

Dec.   8               Report Cards Go Home

Dec. 11               MVSD Board Meeting at MVHS 7pm

Dec. 21               Kindergarten Feast at 1:45pm

Dec. 25 – Jan. 1  Holiday Vacation


Important Phone Numbers:  School – 753-6512  SAU Office – 753-6561  Transportation – 753-1422 or 1421



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