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Bruce Currie's Classroom Calendar

What We Are Learning

  • We've begun reading in what for some may be an entirely new genre of fiction--science fiction. One of our science fiction titles is "Marco's Millions", a story about time travel, and the heroics of a brother and sister who act to save our world from destruction. It's a thought-provoking reading experience. One of our common core goals here is to "Read and understand complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently." (RL.5.10) We'll be modelling what good readers do when they encounter a new text, with the intent of fostering independence and confidence in our skill as readers to make sense of the new and the unfamiliar. We'll read a substantial amount of nonfiction material as well--on a topic that melds our science fiction reading(s) with science fact. Here again, we'll be emphasizing Common Core objectives such as RI.5.10: "Read and comprehend complex literary and informational texts independently and proficiently".
    Our next IB unit is on Astronomy, and we'll be looking at the origins of this science in myth and superstition, as humans have always wondered about, and sought answers to big questions like "What's out there?" and "How did it all begin?"  And we'll be writing both nonfiction pieces and poetry during this unit, as we try to "figure things out" that may be new and strange. In the process, I hope we'll discover that writing can be thinking with words, and that clear writing reflects clear thinking, and that this clear thinking requires revising and re-writing--it doesn't just happen.

  • This Week's Lessons The school year is well underway, as the students are deep into their reading. We started the year off with "The Watsons Go to Birmingham" by Christopher Paul Curtis. Last ...
    Posted Sep 28, 2015, 3:12 AM by bcurrie@mvsdpride.org
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