Second Grade Slideshow 2017-2018

2nd Grade Slideshow 16-17

Classroom & Grade Level

What We Are Learning

November- Second graders have been working hard on double digit addition! They are learning many different strategies to solve problems. Students are greatly enjoying the new science unit, "People use their knowledge of the changing Earth to live in a responsible way." They have explored concepts such as erosion, weathering, and properties of matter. Students participated in an experiment involving a hot plate, eggs, butter, and water to understand the properties of matter. In reading, we are focusing on nonfiction and are choosing a change in the natural world to research and become experts on. Second graders would like to thank all Veteran's for their service to our country. 

October- Second graders have settled in nicely to the routines of their new classrooms. We are finishing up our “How we organize ourselves” planner which focuses on systems. Children are working in a fairy community where they meet fairies needs and wants as well as create a government system for their fairy community. We just completed our second math unit which focused on even and odd numbers and making arrays. Second graders are beginning the final draft phase of their personal narratives. Next they will begin to write expository text. Don’t forget to bring a carved pumpkin to Boscawen Elementary School on October 26th or 27th to be displayed on Gate Night!

August- We have had a great first week of school! We have focused on creating and building our classroom community, learning about classroom supplies, reviewing rules and learning new procedures. The students have also shown me what strong readers and writers they are! I am greatly looking forward to the rest of the school year. Thank you to everyone that sent in all the required forms and sent in a picture for your child to share. The class has enjoyed learning more about their classmates. 

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:10             Morning Work
9:10-9:30             Morning Meeting/Calendar
9:30-10:35           Reader's Workshop
10:35-11:05         Inquiry
11:05-11:35         Recess
11:35-12:05         Lunch
12:05-12:15         Quiet Transition Time
12:15-1:05           Writer's Workshop
1:05-1:45             Specials
                                Mon- World Language
                                Tues- Library
                                Wed- Music
                                Thurs- P.E. (bring sneakers!)
                                Fri- Art
1:45-2:00              Snack
2:00-3:10              Math Workshop
3:10-3:15              Read Aloud/Transition
3:15-3:20              Classroom Clean Up
3:20-3:25              Closing Circle