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Classroom & Grade Level

What We Are Learning

April- Second graders have begun a unit on opinion writing. They are writing letters to persuade people, learning how to set up letters, and learning the format for persuasive writing. Second graders have dived back into nonfiction reading and are meeting in book clubs to discuss their books. They are learning to use text evidence to back up their thinking and have quality conversations with peers. Three digit subtraction has been the focus over the last few weeks and second graders are now moving into measurement. They will incorporate measurement and writing into their planting unit, as students will be presoaking and planting peas, building hoop houses and trellises, and tracking the growth of specific peas while journaling about all of their work! Second graders want to thank Jeremy Delisle from UNH for coming to prune our apple tree and teach us all about it!

March- Second graders are finishing up a narrative writing unit. They used authors as mentors to help them improve their writing. They will publish and celebrate their hard work. We are working on our science unit that focuses on being healthy. Our central idea is people’s well being is shaped by the resources available.  Students will learn about eating right, exercising and going to the doctor or dentist. During math, students are working on three digit addition and will soon begin three digit subtraction. We are looking forward to welcoming Ted Sheu the Poetry Guy this month thanks to our CLiF Grant!

October- Second graders have settled in nicely to the routines of their new classrooms. We are finishing up our first Social Studies unit that focuses on government systems.  Children are working in a fairy community where they meet fairies needs and wants as well as create a government system for their fairy community. We just completed our second math unit which focused on even and odd numbers and making arrays. Second graders are beginning the final draft phase of their personal narratives. Next they will begin to write expository text.

September- Second graders are having a great start to the new school year! They have been working on forming a safe and productive classroom community involving getting to know you activities, creating classroom essential agreements, and learning routines and procedures. Second graders dived right into independently reading as well as writing small moment stories. In math, they are working on addition strategies. Children have been playing math games to improve their fact knowledge. We are looking forward to a great year!

Classroom Schedule

Daily Schedule

8:45-9:10             Morning Work
9:10-9:30             Morning Meeting/Calendar
9:30-10:35           Reader's Workshop
10:35-11:05         Inquiry
11:05-11:35         Recess
11:35-12:05         Lunch
12:05-12:15         Quiet Transition Time
12:15-1:00           Writer's Workshop
1:00-1:40             Specials
                                Mon- World Language
                                Tues- Library
                                Wed- Music
                                Thurs- Art
                                Fri- P.E. (bring sneakers!)
1:40-1:55              Phonics
1:55-2:05              Snack
2:05-3:15              Math Workshop
3:15-3:20              Classroom Clean Up
3:20-3:25              Closing Circle