District Calendar

What We Are Learning

Reader’s Workshop- This month the class continueD to focus on using their super powers. They are encouraged to use the powers to help them decode and read simple texts. The super powers are:

*Pointer Power
*Partner Power
*Reread Power
*Picture Power
*Snap Word Power
*Sound Power
*Book Talk Power
*Persistence Power

The students are also beginning to work on talking about texts, making connections and inferring what they think.

MathThe students are being introduced to simple addition and subtraction equations as well as number stories.

Writer’s Workshop-  The class has been working on publishing their first books. The students worked in small groups to research a topic and then planned out facts they would like to write about. After, the typed their stories and added illustrations to match. A lot of focus has also been on adding spaces between words as well as remembering punctuation at the end of sentences.

Open Court- The students are learning letter sounds, how to properly form letters and blending sounds together.

Science/Social Studies-Students are sharing their traditions in our unit, How We Express Ourselves. They have enjoyed making connections with one another through this unit


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