District Calendar

What We Are Learning
April 10th-14th

Reader’s Workshop- The students focused on marking pages that made them go WOW!.  Then they worked in small groups to share the new facts they learned from their nonfiction books.

MathThe children continued to worked on identifying 2D and 3D shapes. We went on various shape hunts and talked about the different characteristics of the shapes.

Writer’s Workshop-  The class worked on their information writing pieces.  They picked a nonfiction book based on a topic they were interested in.  Then they read the book, learned different facts, and then put the facts into a graphic organizer.  After, they turned the facts into complete sentences and illustrated what they learned.

Open Court- The students worked on blending and segmenting sounds, counting syllables and reading and writing kindergarten snap words.

IB-The class continued talking about, Sharing the Planet. We have focus on talking about how the Earth provides resources that we need to live.

The students enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together to make ice cream.  They all definitely got an arm workout for the day!




Schedule 16-17