Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a drug, alcohol and violence education/prevention program designed to help students make positive choices about healthy lifestyles. It consists of class presentations, theme-centered groups, and individual student and faculty consultations. It provides confidential services to students and their families. Students are encouraged to use the program if personal concerns are impacting their performance at school or outside of school. Many students come to the SAP counselor because they are concerned about a friend and want resources.

Student Services

Educational Discussion Groups:

How do groups work?

Students receive an excused absence from class to attend groups during school hours but are responsible for class work missed. Groups are offered on a rotating basis to avoid missing the same class. Some groups are short term, some may meet weekly, some may meet bi-weekly or less often.
  • Groups meet to educate students to the dangers of drug and alcohol use and to alternative positive choices.

  • Students learn the effects violence, drugs, and alcohol, create for individuals, families, and society.

  • Students learn how to accept support and how to use new coping strategies.

All information shared in the groups is CONFIDENTIAL. Confidentiality cannot be kept in cases where the individual is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else or in cases of abuse.

Classroom Presentations:

  • Students learn about the support services available in their school, and how and when to seek help.

  • Topics include communicating effectively, making good choices, violence prevention, and basic drug and alcohol education.

Assessment and Referral:

  • Counselors meet individually with students to assess their needs.

  • Treatment plans including referrals to in-school or community agencies.

  • Written evaluations done at the request of school personnel who are very concerned about a student.

School Services

Training Seminars for Professionals:

  • Educators gain an understanding of the cycle of addiction and violence.

  • Educators learn how to recognize students who are experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol.

  • Staff learn methods to effectively communicate with students who are affected by drugs or violence.

Parent Education:

  • Seminars present information to parents and guardians about the nature of substance and violence use.

  • Parents learn how to help their children deal effectively with the pressures of drug and violence use.

  • Individual meetings with parents offer support and help meet the unique needs of families.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:

Barbara Crouse SAP Counselor at MVHS

Guidance Office

PHONE: (603) 753-4311 x 1176