Project Success


Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students is a national model program that has been proven effective in preventing and reducing teen substances use.


Project SUCCESS is a school-based program that works to reduce the factors that put students at risk for substance abuse, while working to enhance the factors that will protect students from the risks. This is accomplished by placing highly trained counselors in schools to provide a range of substance use prevention and early intervention services.

What Strategies Are Used?

  • Increasing student understanding about harmful consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

  • Helping students understand that most teens don’t use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

  • Providing services to students who are experiencing stress (such as relationship issues, friend’s substance use, etc.) that if not resolved might lead to substance use.

  • Teaching skills for resisting peer pressure, responding to conflicts, managing anger, and avoiding and coping with other stressful situations.

  • Referring students, and their families who need additional help, to services in the school and community.

  • Working with school and community groups on activities to promote alcohol, tobacco, and drug free lifestyles for teens.


Project SUCCESS utilizes a combination of activities which have been designed to address the unique needs of adolescents. These activities include:

The Prevention Education Series: A multi-session Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug prevention program conducted by the Project SUCCESS Counselor with 7th and 9th graders through their health class.

Individual and Group Counseling: The Project SUCCESS Counselor conducts time limited individual, family and/or group counseling at school and is available for appointments either before or after school.

School-wide Awareness & Outreach Activities: Project SUCCESS activities help students change their attitudes about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and increase school bonding through student involvement in planning and implementing programs. Examples include; bulletin boards; Wall of Sharing  awareness  weeks such as Drug Facts Week,  and safe prom and graduation activities.

Parent Programs: Project SUCCESS includes parents as collaborative partners in prevention through parent workshops, consultation and referral, involvement in PTA and other school and community organizations.

Referral: Students and parents who can benefit from additional services are referred to appropriate agencies or practitioners in the community or to other services in the school.