Mount Vernon High School


We have something for everyone!
  • Recreational Reading—Use Destiny to find great books and lots of them!  Hint:  Use the "Website" tab after you submit your search to get vetted websites on just about every topic you search for.
  • Or search here:

  • Research—Information is just a few clicks away whether you are at school or at home. 
  1. Destiny:  This is the MVHS library catalog search--but it's much more than that!  Use it to search for books, websites and database (One Search) results.  Create an account and save lists of resources for future use and to make creating a bibliography a snap.
The following databases also can be accessed through MVHS My Products page:
  1. Proquest:  This is a vast database of periodical and newspaper articles.  Newspapers that are specially featured include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, among others.
  2. Proquest Literature:  This site deals with all things literary with information about authors, books and literary criticism and more.  Whether you need it for a class or just want to know for yourself, this is a great site.
  3. History Study Center:  As the name implies, you can search for people, places and eras in history as well as look into econmics, geography and civics.
  4. SIRS Discoverer:  A database of vetted websites on a vast array of subjects.  This is a great place to go regardless of your information needs.
  5. eLibrary:  This is a meta-search of many different types of media on a wide range of topics (Books, newspapers, magazines, websites, images, multimedia, etc.).
  6. CultureGrams:  A study of geographic information would not be complete without a visit here.  You can study any country in the world from this site.
  7. Opposing Viewpoints:  This database works well for social studies CBAs.  It encompasses many topics around which people have opinions.
  8. Global Issues in Context:  This database also works well with social studies CBAs.  It gives a perspective on many topics of the day from countries around the world.
  9. World Book Online:  Once you've logged in, look in the first column titled "World Book Web" at the top and select "World Book Advanced."  This is the high school version of the resource.  "World Book Student" is also a good option.

Creating a bibliography can be easy using an online bibliography maker such as the ones below.  Give on of these a try:

                     *Easy Bib
                     *KnightCite:  Take the citation information you have and fill in a form to creat a MLA style citation.
                     *Purdue OWL MLA style guide


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) websites:

1.  National Science Digital Library:  This site includes a wide variety of text and multimedia resources for teachers and students.

2.  STEM Coalition:  An organization promoting STEM activities.

Media Lit link