Digital Literacy Workshops

Welcome to Mount Vernon Digital Literacy Workshops Cloud Academy !

COMING SOON!  The Cloud Academy Classes and Website are being updated for the 2017-18 School Year.  Online Classes will still be offered, but we will use the new Professional Development Portal to register for classes.  The classes currently available are being updated to keep up with the ever changing world of educational technology.  The website will also be transferred to the new Google Sites platform.  If you are interested in completing one of the courses on this site before the transitions, please note that some of the automated tools may not be so automatic. :)   If you run into a road block or find out dated information, please contact Martha Thornburgh and we will get you on track for completing the course and earning clock hours.  

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of online courses throughout the year.  Each course will include written and video instructions and require you to explore and learn as you complete activities, take a quiz and reflect and share on our Digital Literacy Blog.  Clock hours and certificates will be provided for Mount Vernon certificated employees who complete each course.  

You will notice that there are courses from 2015-16 still listed.  These classes are still available and new additional classes will be added throughout the year. 

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Checkout the Leaderboard.  Go Teachers!!!  Please note, that in order to earn clock hours, you must complete all of the activities, take a quiz ( if course has a quiz) and contribute to the Digital Literacy Workshop blog.  If you are not interested in participating in the activities, you are still welcome to review the course materials without clock hour credit.  

New courses will be added throughout the year.   

  • NEW! Learning Beyond (Webinars and Online Classes: We are lucky to have such a wealth of professional learning resources available to us online. With this wealth of opportunities, you are able to identify topics that fit your personal professional development needs. Many of these opportunities are on demand and all provide opportunities to expand your learning and professional connections outside of our district. In an effort to honor this type of digital literacy learning we have set up a system where you can earn clock hours for participating in online learning and then sharing your learning with others. 

  • Introduction to Google Calendar and G-Mail:   3 clock hours. This year our district will be transitioning from Outlook mail and Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar and G-Mail.  This course will help to make the change and learn more about calendars and email. 

  • Transforming Instruction: 4 Clock Hours. In this course we will look at the core concepts and understandings on using technology for instruction and learning in the classroom. Understanding the standards and some commonly used models will help you to better plan and evaluate effectiveness when integrating technology in your classrooms. 
    • SAMR Model
    • 4Cs
    • Tech and the Common Core
    • Growth Mindset
  • Digital Citizenship for Teachers

    3 clock hours In this class, we will highlight Digital Citizenship topics that are important for teachers to use themselves and also model and teach to their students.

    • AUP

    • FERPA

    • CIPA

    • Common Sense Media

    • Copyright for Teachers

    • Social Media for Teachers

    • Digital Footprint
  • Getting Going with Google: 

    4 clock hours  In this course, you will learn the basics of navigating within Google Apps for Education.  

    • Navigating Google Drive

    • Google Docs

    • Google Sheets

    • Google Forms

    • Google Slides

  • Tech Toolbox

    This class can be taken multiple times as you investigate different tools.  Be sure to check in to see if other tools and resources have been added to this list.  You will learn to use new tools and how to use them for learning and instruction and evaluate their effectiveness

  • Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2: These two courses are developed and managed by Google For Education. Each course takes about 12 hours to complete. The exam cost $10 (Level 1) /$25 ( Level 2) and you are given 3 hours to complete the interactive exam. In addition to the prestige of being a Google Certified Educator, and receiving a badge and certificate from Google, you can earn 15 clock hours for each course by successfully completing the course and passing the exam and contributing something you learned to the Digital LIteracy Workshop Blog.

Coming Soon
    • Google Guru

      5 clock hours We will dig a bit deeper into the tools available to you and your students through Google Apps for Education. This course is created in district and is not a part of the Google Certified Educator course.

      • YouTube

      • Hangouts

      • Classroom

      • Add Ons: Flubaroo, Goobric

      • Chrome Apps and Extensions

      • Search

      • Sites

      • Maps

    • Social Media and Personal Learning Networks
    • 3 clock hours In this course we will learn how to use social media safely and effectively as a way to build your professional learning network and also as a tool for learning and communication with students.

      • Twitter

      • Facebook

      • Blogging

      • Google +

      • Pinterest

      • Instagram

      • Digital Footprint
    • Coding in the Classroom
      • 3 clock hours
      • In this course, we will explore some resources to help teach basic coding and computer science skills.  

      • The Hour of Code

      • Scratch

      ioS Basics
      • Google Apps on the iPad

      • Production Apps

      • Creation apps

      • QR Codes

      • Popplet

      • Padlet

    • 3 clock hours In this course we will touch on the basics of how to access and use the features of your ipad and explore some apps and ideas for helping students be producers as well as consumers when using the ipads and ipods.
    • Chromebooks:
      • This is a great class for teaching teams who have received a Chromebook lab to use with students. We will look at management of devices, Chrome Apps, Extensions and Google Add-Ons. We will explore ideas for using a mobile lab with students in different groupings etc.