Nov 13
 - Nov 16 🦃
(Week 13) 

I.  Veteran's Day Observed - No Classes.

II.  UNIT 2 Test (55 points) - Open Cheat Sheet.
Homework - You Teach Video Project (due Thursday in G-Class)

III.  Catch up Period.  Here are your choices:
A - Finish and turn in past due work.
B - Work on "You Teach" Video Project.  (due Thursday in G-Class)
C - Organize your Google Drive (Filing, Renaming and/or deleting).
Homework - "You Teach" Project due in G-Class Thursday (11/15) before midnight.

IV.  SCI - FRI: Daily D.O.S.E.
Lesson: The Science of Giving Thanks
Enjoy your November Break.  
Celebrate the evidence in your life that makes you appreciative.

Nov 5
 - Nov 9 🦃
(Week 12) 
Unit 2 TEST on 11/13
I. Chemistry & Roots QUIZ.
Root Word List (RWL) #5 - Energy.
Root Word X-Word Activity: Site 1Site 2.
Homework - Spend 10-15 minutes adding Notes to your approved Cheat Sheet for the Unit 2 TEST on 11/13.

II. Yeast Cell Respiration Demo.
"You Teach" Video Project (50 points) Intro
20 - 25 minutes of class time to work on Steps 1-3 of You Teach.
Homework - Spend 10-15 minutes working on "You Teach" Project.

III.  Team Shake X-Word Activity (10 minutes)
Video 1: Bozeman Cell Membranes (11:04)
Time to work on Steps 4-6 of "You Teach" Video Project 
Homework - Spend 10-15 minutes working on "You Teach" Project.

IV. SCI-FRI: Insane Membranes!
Time to work on Steps 7-8 & 10 of "You Teach" Video Project (due Thur. 11/15 in G-Class)
Homework - Spend 10-15 minutes adding Notes to your approved Cheat Sheet for the Unit 2 TEST on 11/13.

Oct 29 
 - Nov 2 🦃
(Week 11) 

Chemistry & Roots QUIZ on 11/5
Unit 2 TEST on 11/13
I. Oxygen 
& Oxygen Video (6:17)
Set up Cell Transport LAB.
Homework - Watch 
How big is a mole? (4:32) and complete 2 rows of research in the Cell Transport LAB.

II. Fluorine
& Fluorine Video (6:42)
Cell Transport LAB data collection & graphing.
Homework - Finish research in Cell Transport LAB.

III. Neon
& Neon Video (1:56)
Froot Loops Activity modeling Photosynthesis~Cell Respiration.
Homework - No new homework.

SCIFRI - Poison Jello
FYI - Don't forget to collect your October M.O.M. Measurements.
FYI #2 - Your Elements 1-10 Assignment is due 11/2 in g-class as a PDF.
Homework - Finish Cell Transport LAB (due Saturday in g-class as a PDF)

Oct 22 - Oct 26 🎃
(Week 10) 

Chemistry & Roots QUIZ on 11/5
Unit 2 TEST on 11/13
I. Root Word List #4
Beryllium Reading & 
Video (3:39)
Team Shake Article Analysis
Homework - Finish Articles Q&A, then turn in to g-class as a PDF.

Boron Reading & 
Video (4:00)
LAB - Photosynthesis in Leaf Discs (Day 1 - Data Collection)
Homework - Complete 2-3 rows of LAB research.

III. Carbon
 Reading & 
Video (10:03)
LAB - Photosynthesis in Leaf Discs (Day 2 - Data Analysis & Graphing)
Chemistry Notes - Fill in your Unit 2 Notes & Study Guide during this lecture.
Homework - Finish LAB research.

IV. Nitrogen
 Reading & 
Video (12:53)
Homework - Finish LAB and turn in as a PDF (due Saturday)

Oct 15 - Oct 19 🎃
(Week 9) 
I.Root Word List #3.
Begin Elements 1-10 Assignment (due 11/2) in google classroom.
"Hydrogen" Reading.
Watch: Hydrogen (7:16)
Homework - Fill in Section III: "Cells" Notes

II. Water (H2O) Inquiry
Study Guide...
Homework - Spend 10 minutes adding to your Unit 2 Notes & Study Guide.

III. "Helium" Reading & Watch:Helium (11:11)
Team Shake Challenge 
- Build a Chloroplast.
- Build a Mitochondrion.
Homework - Spend 10 minutes adding to your Unit 2 Notes & Study Guide.

IV. "Lithium" Reading.
Watch: Lithium (10:28)
SCI-FRI: Chlorophyll Chromatography.
No Homework , unless you owe late work.

Oct 9 - Oct 12 🎃
(Week 8) 

I.  Staff Development Day - No Classes.
FYI - The Souza Science Grade Book closed at 10 pm Sunday night (10/7) for progress reports.

II. Begin Cell Review Packet - Day 1
This is a paper packet and is due in class on Friday 10/12.
Homework: Watch "A Tour of the Cell" via Bozeman Science (14:17).

III.  Continue work in Cell Review Packet - Day 2
Homework: Watch "The wacky history of cell theory" via TED Ed (6:12).

Watch "Cells, Cells" Rap (3:09)
Finish Cell Review Packet & turn in.
Pass back assignments & tests to add in your score tracker.
Set a goal for the rest of trimester 1.
No homework, unless you owe work.

Oct 1 - Oct 5 🎃
(Week 7) - ASR wk 2

I. Finish PB & J Lab (CER portion).  Due as a PDF tonight in G-Class.
Begin Nobel Prize Week Assignment. (paper packet)
Homework - Study for the Unit 1 TEST and turn in your study evidence to G-Class.

I. Unit 1 TEST (50 points)
Nobel Prize Assignment (Day 2)
Homework - No new homework

I. Nobel Prize Assignment (Day 3)
Homework - Make your Nobel Medal at home and wear into class session 4 - for credit.

I. SCIFRI - Glow Germ
Nobel Prize Assignment (Day 4) - Due at the end of class. (paper packet)
Make Nobel Diploma for a family member.
Homework - Present your Nobel Diploma & Chocolate to a family member.

Sep 24 - Sep 28 🍁
(Week 6) - ASR

I: "Life Ascending" Reading - (Pg 8 & 9) Nick Lane.
PB&J Bacteria LAB (Day 1) - due Oct 1st.
Homework: Read 9.2 "Bacteria" Pages 325-333 and complete 1-2 rows of research for reasoning in your PB & J Lab.

II: Watch: What causes cavities? (5:00)
PB&J Bacteria LAB (Day 2)
Alive or Not LAB.
Lecture - Life as we know it(File a copy in your Notes)
Homework: Complete 1-2 more rows of research for reasoning in your PB & J Lab.
Take a look at these Study Strategies that I recommend for science assessments.

III: PB&J Bacteria LAB (Day 3)
Lecture - Bacteria. (File a copy in your Notes)
Shapes of Bacteria LAB. (due Friday 9/28 in G-class)
HomeworkStudy for the Unit 1 Test on Oct 2nd.

IV: SCIFRI - 1 Free Choice.  Glow Germ (moved to session 1 next week)
PB&J Bacteria LAB (Day 4)
Discuss LAB Grading Rubric for spreadsheet labs.
Discuss Evidence of Study for Unit 1 Test.
HomeworkFinish PB & J LAB due Oct 1st.
Unit 1 TEST on October 2nd.

Sep 17 - Sep 21 🍂  
(Week 5)

I: Finish September Metrics of Me Measurements.
Day 1 - How Big is Big? Project. (HBIB)
Homework: Finish "Mini Me" - due at the start of session 2.

II.  Day 2 - HBIB: "Animals." Table #2 in Project.
Homework: Finish Lab Coat and bring it in session 3.  
You do not need to cut them out.

Day 3 - How Big is Big? Project "Trees." (HBIB) - due Sep 21 as a PDF.
No homework.

 - (2 Notes & 2 Free Choice)
Homework: HBIB is due in G-Class Sep 21 as a PDF.

Sep 10 - Sep 14  
(Week 4)

Root Word List #2
Scientific Notation (Part 1) - Begin Packet.  Packet due session 3.
Homework: No homework!

Scientific Notation (Part 2) - Scientific Notation Song (3:12)
Homework: Spend 10-15 minutes working on scientific notation problems.

Scientific Notation (Part 3) - 
Packet due.
Workshop on 
Homework: Watch this CER Video (7:24)

SCIFRI - Cooperative CER Boxes.
Begin Metrics of Me LAB #MOM
Homework: Spend 10-15 minutes studying RWL#1 & RWL#2.

FYI - Pop Quiz next Week
Unit 1 Test will be Tuesday, October 2nd.

Sep 4 - Sep 7  
(Week 3)

I: Labor Day - No School.
II: New Seats!  Discuss Organization & Beyond.  
Notes: Root Word List #1.
Time to finish Kid Intro Videos (due 9/4).
Homework: Read & Sign Science Safety Contract with a parent; due by 9/7.

III: Activity
Watch DVD: Cosmic Voyage (35:43)
Homework: Read 1.4 "Safety in the Lab" (Pages 23-26)

IV: SCIFRI - Patterns.
Homework: Spend 10 minutes making a cool cover for your Sort by Size Booklet; due 9/11.

Aug 27 - Aug 31  
(Week 2)

I: Souza Science Search (in class, due today)
Multiple Intelligence Activity.  Watch 
Homework: Get your 

II: Join Google Classroom.
Group Read 1.1 "Thinking Like a Scientist" (Pages 6-12)
Science textbooks sent home.
Homework: Have at least one parent complete this PARENT SURVEY (due by Fri. 8/31).

III: MVMS Student Handbook - Review Pages 32-36 for compliance. 
Group Read 1.2 "The Study of Life" (Pages 13-17)
Homework: Spend 10-15 minutes working on your Intro Video.

IV: DEMO: Listening Test
Continue work on Kid Intro Video (due 9/4 in google classroom)
Homework: Spend 10-15 minutes on voiceover work in your kid intro video (due 9/4).

Aug 23 - Aug 24  
(Week 1)

I: Welcome Back to School. 
Team Science Challenge.
Teacher Candle Demo.  

II:  Ice-Breaker Bingo.  Watch MoveShake Video (14:33).
Check out Adventure Scientists.  What did Gregg accomplish in 2006?
No homework.  Enjoy your weekend.

Jason Souza
Room #31 - Upper Sun
7th Science

"We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know."

W. H. Auden

"Science rules!"

- Bill Nye