The goal of MSD of Mt. Vernon eLearning is to provide technology professional development that is meaningful and engaging. We want to create opportunities for MSD of Mt. Vernon teachers to:
  • Create, collaborate, and communicate
  • Request assistance in using technology in a meaningful way
  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Investigate new technologies and feel comfortable taking risks for higher learning opportunities
  • Build stronger PLNs
  • Get support in using technologies
  • Engage students in meaningful learning
  • Be passionate about learning and share their enthusiasm 
Click on the buttons above to see the different badges that are available. Under each one you will find a description and a link to request a badge. GOOGLE badges will also have tutorials and quizzes that must be taken. Once you have earned your badge, we want you to proudly display it in your classroom or outside your room on your door. Don't forget to share your achievements using #MVeLearn on Twitter! 

Here's how you earn your badge:

1. Find the badge you'd like to earn and click "request this badge" underneath it. 
2. Fill out the badge request Google Form. Please answer all questions thoughtfully and completely.
3. GOOGLE Badges require you to watch tutorials and take quizzes. You must earn an 80% or better on the quiz to earn the badge, so watch the video carefully or call an eLearning Coach for help before you take the quiz!
4. Display your badge!
5. Tweet to #MVeLearn about earning your new badge!

This SURPRISE badge may mysteriously appear on your door. Look on the back of the badge to see why!

288 badges for the 2018-2019 school year
over 1 1 14 badges earned to date

Leading - West  (85)

Second - MVJHS (73)

Third - Farmersville