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Policy NameLast UpdatedCategory
JBD Suspensions 6/25/02  
JE Student Attendance 8/27/02  
JICB Restitution 05/11/99  
JICE Website Publishing 6/25/13  
JH-F MVRSD Attendance Contract 10/12/10  
JECB MVRSD International Exchange Student Policy 1/13/92  
JJB End of Year Class Events and Trips 8/31/99  
JE-R Operational Procedure for Student Absences   
JH-R Attendance Worksheet 10/12/10  
JHCCA-R Healthcare Guidelines for the School Environment Handling of Bodily Fluids in the School 4/25/94  
JICJ-R Unauthorized Communication Devices 6/10/08  
JICK-F2 Bullying Investigation Checklist 12/14/10  
JICK-R Bullying Report Form 12/14/10  
JIH-R Search of Students   
JIHB-R Student Operated Vehicle Search Report   
JKAA Use of Restraints 12/28/10  
JLCC-R MVRSD Communicable Disease Policy Addendum 1 Exclusions from the School Environment   
JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries 5/28/13  
JLIF Student Parking Policy 10/24/00  
JLIF-R MVRSD Student Parking Policy 12/14/99  
JLIG Snowmobile Parking at MHS 1/9/01  
JLIG-R MVRSD Snowmobile Trail Rules for Mascoma High School 12/14/99  
JN Student Volunteers and Student Employees 11/9/99  
JICI-F1 MVRSD Weapons Control Form 1/7/97  
JICI-F2 Report of Theft, Destruction, Violence, Possession of a Weapon and Possession or Distribution of a Controlled Substance in Safe School Zone to the Canaan, Enfield or Grafton Police Departments 1/7/97  
JICI-F3 MVRSD Parental Notification of the Violation of Weapons on School Property Policy Sample Letter 1/7/97  
JICI-F5 Memorandum of Understanding MVRSD and Enfield Police Department   
JICI-F6 Memorandum of Understanding MVRSD and Grafton Police Department   
JICI-F7 Memorandum of Understanding MVRSD and Canaan Police Department   
JICI-F8 Memorandum of Understanding MVRSD with the New Hampshire State Police Department 1/7/97  
JICI-RA MVRSD Response Plan for Criminal Incidents 1/7/97  
JICI-R Weapons on School Property - Expulsion Policy 1/7/97  
JBAA/GBAA-F Sexual Harassment Complaint Form 9/13/94  
JBAA/GBAA-FA Investigator's Report to Human Relations Officer 9/13/94  
JBAA/GBAA-FB Superintendent's Report of Findings 9/13/94  
JBAA/GBAA-FC Superintendent's Report to Complaintant 9/13/94  
JBAA/GBAA-R Statement of Non-Tolerance of Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence 9/10/96  
JBAA/GBAA-RB MVRSD Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedure 9/13/94  
JBAA/GBAA-RC Sexual Harassment Action Plan 9/13/94  
JBAA/GBAA-RD Sexual Harassment Intervention Flow Chart 9/13/94  
JBAA Sexual Harassment - Students 5/26/15 P - Priority 
JEB Kindergarten and School Entrance Age 10/4/97 R - Recommended 
JEC Manifest Educational Hardship 6/25/13 P - Priority 
JFA Residency 1/9/07 R - Recommended 
JFAA Admission of Resident Students 5/12/09 R - Recommended 
JFAB Admission of Tuition and Non-Resident Students 05/12/09 P - Priority 
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students 05/12/09 P - Priority 
JH Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy 10/12/10 P - Priority 
JICD Student Discipline and Due Process 9/24/13 P - Priority 
JICFA Hazing 10/14/08 P - Priority 
JICI Weapons on School Property 5/12/15 R - Recommended 
JICJ Acceptable Uses of Electronic Devices in School 10/28/08 R - Recommended 
JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention - Bullying 12/28/10 P - Priority 
JJIB Co-Curricular Activities and Athletics 4/7/15 O - Optional 
JJIC Eligibility for High School Co-Curricular Activities and Athletics 5/12/15 R - Recommended 
JLC Student Health Services 12/16/14 P - Priority 
JLCC Communicable Disease Control Policy 1/14/15 R - Recommended 
JLCCA HIV/AIDS Policy for Students 2/3/15 R - Recommended 
JLCD Administering Medication to Students  P - Priority 
JLCF Wellness Policy 11/25/14 P - Priority 
JLCG Exclusion of Students from School for Illness 1/14/15 R - Recommended 
JLD School Guidance and Counseling Program 2/24/15 P - Priority 
JLDBA Behavior Management and Intervention 2/24/15 P - Priority 
JLF Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect 10/14/08 P - Priority 
JLIE Student Automobile Use 12/14/99 R - Recommended 
JLI/EB Joint Loss Management Committee 6/9/15 P - Priority 
JICL School District Internet Access for Students 7/14/15 P - Priority 
JLCK Special Physical Health Needs of Students 8/11/15 P - Priority 
JKAA Use of Restraints and Seclusion 8/11/15 P - Priority 
JIA Student Due Process Rights 8/11/15 P - Priority 
JI Student Rights and Responsibilities 8/11/15 P - Priority 
JCA Change of School or Assignment 8/25/15 P - Priority 
JIC Student Conduct 8/25/15 P - Priority 
JICDD Student Discipline/Out-of-School Actions 8/25/15 P - Priority 
JRA Student Records and Access 9/8/15 R - Recommended 
Showing 75 items