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Policy NameLast UpdatedCategory
IGBHA Home Education 1/12/10  
IHBAA Determination of Eligibility 7/14/09  
IMGA Service Animals 8/26/14  
IKAA Interdisciplinary Credit 3/17/09  
IC School Year and School Calendar 3/14/95  
ID School Day 3/14/95  
IF Curriculum Development 6/12/95  
IF-R Organizing and Planning for Curriculum Work 6/12/95  
IFB Pilot Projects 9/26/95  
IFC Pilot Project Evaluation 9/26/95  
IGBA Programs for Students with Disabilities 8/27/02  
IGBD Pregnant and Married Students 2/28/94  
IGDF Fundraising Activities 9/13/05  
IGDF-F Fundraising Activity Form 2/28/94  
IGDJ Interscholastic and Intramural Sports 8/6/98  
IHBAA-R Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Process   
IIAA Textbook Selection and Adoption 2/28/94  
IIB & IIB-R Class Size and Class Size Regulations 3/1/05  
IJMC School Library and Media Program 4/25/94  
IJMC-A Library Bill of Rights 4/25/94  
IJMC-B School Library Bill of Rights for School Library Media Programs 4/25/94  
IJMC-C Freedom to Read Statement 4/25/94  
IJMC-D Library Materials Selection and Adoption 4/25/94  
IJMC-E Library Weeding and Discard of Materials Policy 4/25/94  
IJMC-F Gifts to the Library and Media Center 4/25/94  
IJMC-G Library and School Copyright Policy 4/25/94  
IJMC-H School Library Safety Policy 4/25/94  
IJMC-I Library Media Center Preview Policy 4/25/94  
IJOA-R Field Trip and Excursion Permission Form   
IKE-F Retention Recommendation   
IKE-R Student Retention Procedure   
IKFB Academic Credit for Sports Participation 5/4/81  
IKFC High School Graduation and Ceremony Attendance 6/14/05  
IM Evaluation of Instructional Staff 11/8/90  
IND Freedom of Assembly and Religion Policy 10/10/95  
IB Academic Freedom 3/29/95 O - Optional 
IFA Instructional Needs of Students with Different Talents 5/27/14 P - Priority 
IHAK Character and Citizenship Education 9/13/06 P - Priority 
IHBA Programs for Pupils with Disabilities 1/12/12 R - Recommended 
IHBB Programs for Gifted Pupils 4/13/04 O - Optional 
IHBBA Limited English Proficiency Instruction 8/26/03 R - Recommended 
IHBH ELO 6/23/09 R - Recommended 
IHCA Summer Activities 2/10/09 P - Priority 
IHCD Advanced College Place 2/10/09 P - Priority 
IJOA Field Trips and Excursions 11/26/13 R - Recommended 
IK Earning Credit 3/17/09 P - Priority 
IKE Student Retention Policy 4/22/03 P - Priority 
IKFA Early Graduation Policy 11/8/90 O - Optional 
IMBC Alternative Course Credit 8/24/98 R - Recommended 
IMAH Daily Physical Activity 6/9/15 P - Priority 
IJOC Volunteers 6/23/15 P - Priority 
IJOC-R Volunteer Service Statement and Confidentiality Agreement 5/27/15 R - Recommended 
ILBA Assessment of Educational Programs 8/11/15 P - Priority 
ILBAA High School Graduation Competencies 8/11/15 P - Priority 
IKB Homework 8/11/15 P - Priority 
IHAM Health Education and Exemption from Instruction 8/11/15 P - Priority 
IMBD High School Credit for 7th/8th Grade Coursework 8/25/15 P -- Priority 
IMBA Distance Education 9/22/15 Priority 
IGE - Parental Objections to Specific Course Material 10/27/15 P - Priority 
IHBI Alternative Learning Plans 9/22/15 P - Priority 
IHBG Home Education Instruction 01/26/16 R-Recommended 
Showing 61 items