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G PersonnelDate UpdatedCategory
G PersonnelDate UpdatedCategory
GBBA Open Shop Policy 11/22/93  
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest 1/8/11  
GBCA-R Staff Conflict of Interest Regulation 5/9/95  
GBCB Professional Staff Code of Ethics and Conduct 8/26/97  
GBEA Code of Ethics for School District Administrators 3/25/97  
GBF Staff Participation in Community Service 10/11/93  
GBF-R Staff Leave for Community Service Regulations 11/8/94  
GBG Staff Participation in Political Activities 10/11/93  
GBGA HIV Policy for School District Employees 6/26/96  
GCC Professional Staff Hiring 9/13/94  
GCD Professional Staff Hiring 9/13/94  
GCD-R Professional Staff Hiring 9/13/94  
GCEB Rate of Pay for Substitutes 11/13/12  
GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers 11/22/93  
GCI Re-Certification of Staff Members 3/1/77  
GCQA Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Member 5/9/95  
GCCAC GCCAC-F Family and Medical Leave Policy 5/12/15  
GBAA/JBAA-F Sexual Harassment Complaint Form 9/13/94  
GBAA/JBAA-FA Investigator's Report to Human Relations Officer 9/13/94  
GBAA/JBAA-FB Superintendent's Report of Findings 9/13/94  
GBAA/JBAA-FC Superintendent's Report to Complaintaint 9/13/94  
GBAA/JBAA-R Statement of Non-Tolerance of Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence 9/10/96  
GBAA/JBAA-RB MVRSD Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedure 9/13/94  
GBAA/JBAA-RC Sexual Harassment Action Plan 9/13/94  
GBAA/JBAA-RD Sexual Harassment Intervention Flow Chart 9/13/94  
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment 11/22/93 R - Recommended 
GBB Staff Involvement in Decision Making 11/22/93 O - Optional 
GBEBB Staff Conduct with Students 12/28/10 O - Optional 
GBEC Drug Free Workplace 8/26/08 R - Recommended 
GBAA Sexual Harassment - Employee/Staff 5/26/15 P - Priority 
GBCD Background Investigation and Criminal Records Check 5/26/15 P - Priority 
GCO Teacher Performance and Evaluation System 8/11/15 P - Priority 
GBEF School District Internet Access for Staff 8/11/15 P - Priority 
Showing 33 items