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Board Governance Policies CDateCategory
Board Governance Policies CDateCategory
CA Administration Goals 4/12/05 P - Priority 
CBGA Evaluation of Administrative Personnel 6/15/04  
CBGA-F2 Evaluation Form Superintendent of Schools 7/18/94  
CBGA-F Evaluation Form Business Administrator 7/1/94  
CBI Evaluation of the Superintendent 1/24/06 R - Recommended 
CBI-F Superintendent Evaluation Form 1/24/06  
CBI-R Procedure for Completing the Evaluation Form for the Superintendent of Schools 1/24/06  
CB-R Duties of the Superintendent 7/98  
CFA Evaluation of Administrative Personnel 2/28/94  
CFA-FA Administrator Assessment 7/18/94  
CFA-FC MVRSD Self-Evaluation   
CFB-FA Faculty Assessment 2/28/94  
CFB-FB Principal's Self-Evaluation 2/28/94  
CFB-R MVRSD Principal Supervision and Annual Evaluation   
CFC Evaluation of the Assistant Principal 9/21/04  
CFC-FA Self-Evaluation of Assistant Principal 2/28/94  
CF School Building Administration 4/12/05 O - Optional 
CGDA-FC Director of Special Education Self-Evaluation 2/28/94  
CHA Administrative Rules 3/15/05  
CHB Board Review of Regulations 4/12/05 R - Recommended 
CHCA Approval of Handbooks and Directives 7/19/04 R - Recommended 
CHD Administration in Policy Absence 4/12/05 R - Recommended 
CH Policy Implementation 7/19/04 R - Recommended 
CLA Treatment of Outside Reports 4/12/05  
CMF School District Annual Report 3/29/05  
CM School District Year End Report 4/12/05  
Showing 26 items