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District Philosophy Policies ADate UpdatedCategory
District Philosophy Policies ADate UpdatedCategory
AB The People and Their School District 11/13/89  
ABB Staff Involvement in Decision Making 11/13/89  
ABC Student Involvement in Decision Making 11/13/89  
AC-R Annual Notice of Non-Discrimination 5/9/94  
ACA Sexual Harassment  9/13/94  
ACA-F Sexual Harassment Complaint Form 9/13/94  
ACA-FA Investigator's Report to Human Relations Officer 9/13/94  
ACA-FB Superintendent's Report of Findings 9/13/94  
ACA-FC Superintendent's Report to Complaintant 9/13/94  
ACA-R Statement of Non-Tolerance of Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence 9/10/96  
ACA-RB MVRSD Sexual Harassment Reporting Procedure 9/13/94  
ACA-RC Sexual Harassment Action Plan 9/13/94  
ACA-RD Sexual Harassment Intervention Flow Chart 9/13/94  
ACB Non-Discrimination 1/14/14  
ACB-F Affirmative Action Title IX Grievance Form I and II 9/13/94  
ACB-R Affirmative Action Title IX Grievance Procedure 9/13/94  
ACE-FD MVRSD Section 504 Referral Form 2/3/04  
ACE-FE Section 504 Permission Disclosure Form 2/2/04  
ACE-FF Section 504 Identification Placement Accommodation Plan 7/18/94  
ACE-R Information Regarding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 3/30/04  
ACE-RA Responsibilities of Section 504 Compliance Officer 3/30/04  
ACE-RB Section 504 Non-Discrimination Policy Grievance Procedure 3/30/04  
ACE-RC Questions Concerning Section 504 3/30/04  
ACE-RD 504 Identification Evaluation Placement 3/30/04  
ACE-RE Section 504 Parents' Student's Rights in Identification Evaluation and Placement 3/30/04  
AD-E Curriculum Priorities 11/13/89  
ADA Programming for Student Enrichment and Development of Special Talents 9/26/95  
ADB Philosophy of Special Education and Education for Students with Disabilities 5/9/95  
ADB-R MVRSD Procedures for IEP Implementation Special Educator's Responsibilities 5/9/95  
ADB-RA MVRSD Procedures for IEP Implementation Regular Education Teacher's Responsibilities 5/9/95  
ADB-RB MVRSD Procedures for IEP Implementation Principal's Responsibilities 5/9/95  
ADC-R Tobacco Products Ban 1/13/04  
AF Commitment to Accomplishment 9/13/94  
AFB Evaluation of the Superintendent 4/12/05  
AFC Evaluation of Administrative Personnel 6/15/04  
AFCA Evaluation of Directors and Coordinators 2/28/94  
AFCB Evaluation of Professional Staff - Teachers 11/13/89  
AA School District Legal Status 11/13/89 O - Optional 
ABA Community Involvement in Decision Making 11/13/89 R - Recommended 
ACE Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Handicap/Disability 3/30/04 P - Priority 
AD Educational Philosophy 11/13/89 R - Recommended 
ADC Tobacco Products Ban 1/13/04 P - Priority 
AAA Powers of School Districts 9/13/94  
Showing 43 items