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Board Governance

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Board Governance Policies BDate UpdatedCategory
Board Governance Policies BDate UpdatedCategory
BCB Board Officers 1/5/10  
BHA New Board Member Orientation 11/13/89  
BHE Board Member Insurance 11/13/89  
BID Board Member Health Insurance 4/26/05  
BJ School Board Memberships 2/24/98  
BFD Board Policy Manual Dissemination 5/12/98  
BFC Policy and the Law 11/13/89  
BDEA Board Member Attendance on Subcommittees 5/23/06  
BDDE Rules of Order 5/12/98  
BDD Agenda 6/27/06  
BDDG Minutes 6/13/00  
BDDD Quorum 4/9/02  
BDDA Request for Items for the Board Agenda 5/12/98  
BDCB Board Member Participation 7/9/02  
BDA Meetings Open to the Public 5/12/98  
BDCA Meeting Cancellation 4/9/02  
BG Board-Staff Communications 5/4/05  
BCF Advisory Committees to the Board 11/13/89  
BCD Board-Superintendent Relationship 5/12/98  
BCA Board Organizational Meeting 2/26/98  
BBFA Board Member Conflict Interest 4/6/98  
BBF School Board Member Ethics 4/12/05  
BBC Board Member Resignation 12/21/99  
BF Board Policy Development 1/27/98  
BHB Board Member Development Opportunities 11/13/89  
BJA School Board Legislative Program 7/12/05  
BFD-R Policy Dissemination Administrative Regulation 3/1/93  
BHA-R New School Board Member Orientation Procedures 9/26/95  
BA Board Operational Goals 1/21/98 R- Recommended 
BBAA Board Member Authority 4/12/05 R - Recommended 
BBBA Qualifications/Eligibility of Board Members 11/13/89 O - Optional 
BDG School Attorney 6/27/06 O - Optional 
BEC Nonpublic Sessions 12/16/03 R - Recommended 
BEDB Agenda Preparation and Dissemination 6/27/06 R - Recommended 
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings 6/27/06 R - Recommended 
BFE Administration in Policy Absence 4/12/05 R - Recommended 
BGD Board Review of Regulations 4/12/05 R - Recommended 
BDDB Agenda Format 8/22/06  
Showing 38 items