Crisis Resources 

Do you need immediate help for yourself or a child in your care?  Call (or text) one of these numbers below for immediate help.

CenterPointe Hospital - 1-800-345-5407; CenterPointe provides behavioral health services for patients of all ages and their families including:
  • Crisis intervention
  • Treatment
  • Education
  • Assessment
  • Referrals to other counselors, therapists, etc.

Heartland Behavioral Health - 1-800-654-9605; Heartland Behavioral Health Services is a children’s behavioral health hospital located in Nevada, MO—we have both an acute short term crisis stabilization side of the hospital, and a residential longer-term side of the hospital.  Phones will be answered 24/7.

Lakeland Behavioral Health System - 1-800-432-1210; Child and Adolescent Acute Inpatient and Residential Programs.

Crisis Text Line - This service is set up for anyone and will work anywhere.  If you are experiencing a crisis, you can text the information to 741741 and a live, trained crisis counselor will receive your text and respond quickly.  Click on this link to go to their website for more information.  

Other Resources available

Franklin County System of Care -

Click on this link for resources on counseling, substance abuse, crisis care, teen parenting, developmental disabilities, parenting supports, mental health, suicide prevention, domestic violence, and other supports.

Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) 636-586-1806 - COMTREA's Children's Advocacy Center of East Central Missouri (CACECM) is a non-for-profit agency that opened its doors in November of 2000 whose mission is to provide community based collaborative effort to improve the system's response to allegations of child abuse and neglect by following the child first doctrine. 

Crider Center School Based Prevention ServicesStudents in Kindergarten - 8th grade participate in prevention programs that provide education on critical age appropriate topics, the sessions are designed to help children develop new skills, and encourage children to make safe and healthy choices for themselves and others. Among the programs provided are: Personal Safety, Healthy Dating Relationships, Violence Prevention, Bullying & Teasing, Cyber Bullying, and a 6th grade specific program titled - Changes & Choices which covers a wide range of important topics. Prevention programs are being delivered in St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, and Franklin County schools.

Crider Center Partnership with FamiliesA program designed to support families caring for a child or youth who has been diagnosed with a serious emotional disorder. The program uses a strength-based approach, works in partnership with the family to identify services that are unique to their needs, and seeks to wrap services around the family in partnership with other service providers and resources located in their own community. The Partnership serves children who have a very high level of need, are often at risk of being removed from their home, their school, or may have experienced multiple acute hospitalizations. The Partnership with Families Program is available in St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, and Franklin Counties.

Crider Center School Based Mental Health SpecialistDesigned to embed mental health expertise and supports into the school setting with the goal of keeping children and youth diagnosed with a serious emotional disorder in school and being an active, productive participant in their education. Supports and services are designed to help students who are struggling develop new skills that allow them to manage their own mental health symptoms, improve their level of functioning, increase self confidence, and help children and youth improve their self-concept (create of positive image of themselves). The program also offers support and consultation to parents and school staff, reinforces the need to work as a team so that all team members are heard and supported. Mental Health Specialists work directly with young people, their families, and school staff to strengthen relationships which helps to create a unified cohesive approach for children and youth struggling to manage their mental health diagnosis. The program is operating in St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, and Franklin Counties.
Crider Center PinocchioAn early identification - early intervention program designed to serve children in pre-school through third-grade identified as having emerging, mild to moderate behavioral, school adjustments issues, or emotionally-based social problems. The program’s goal is to offer services to children at an early age, help them develop skills that will allow them to enjoy their school and academic experience, achieve as much success as possible, and ultimately prevent the need for more intensive services later in adolescence. The program helps children identify their emotions, supports children in finding their voice, and promotes the development of an improved self-concept (children feeling better about themselves and their abilities). Pinocchio is operating in partnering schools in St. Charles, Lincoln, and Franklin Counties.