Ancient Greece appears in the  Western collective memory as a shining example of 
 We venerate the art, science and philosophy that was developed during the Golden Age of Athens.  And yet, there is a much more complex and somewhat troubling story. 
While Athenians threw off the yoke of oligarchy and tyrants, their democratic reforms were limited to a small portion of the population. 
They created a protection "racket" and forced members of the Delian League to pay up on pain of invasion and even death. 
As we look at the vibrant Greek City States, we will keep in mind the way that Athenian power expressed itself.  While creating many of the founding ideas of science, philosophy, theater and art - they also allowed the suppression and execution of some of those same innovators and their supporters.  
That is our challenge -  to bring together a more complete understanding of the first self proclaimed Democracy - Athens in the Golden Age.

Map of Ancient Greece

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