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Spanish Department Philosophy


The MVL Spanish department recognizes that language and communication are gifts from God and is committed to teaching students to use those gifts to His glory and to the welfare of others. It is committed to students' acquisition of Spanish as a second language and an appreciation for cultures and traditions outside of their local experience. The department designs and selects its course content around the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.



Department Objectives


1. To help students attain proficiency in the basic language skills of speaking, listening reading and writing.


2. To recognize the diversity of learning styles among our students and thus offer a variety of teaching methods.


3. To seek out and to utilize varying kinds of performance based assessment.


4. To heighten the awareness of one's own language through the study of the target language.


5. To maintain interest in the pursuit of language studies through the advanced levels.


6. To promote the life-long interest in the study of language and culture.


7. To promote intellectual growth in critical thinking and analytical skills through the study of literary works.


8. To enhance the foreign language curriculum by incorporating computer and audio visual technology.