Reading Counts

Go to: Reading Counts Website for Students

Enter your Username and Password and begin!  Make sure you are taking a quiz in your lexile range, or ABOVE!  If you have a high lexile you may take a quiz at 700 and up! 

To check on a book's lexile or see if it has a quiz go here: Scholastic Book Expert for Reading Counts

Program Guidelines

  • Program starts officially on August 5th.  
  • Program will be a part of reading class and directed by reading teachers.
  • Each student’s goal will be to read 1 to 2 books (at teacher discretion) per grading period.  Plank’s reading class will be 2 books for first 9 weeks and 3 books for 2nd through 4th 9 weeks.    
  • This does not include books being read by the entire classroom or by the teacher.
  • Reading teachers will approve each student’s book selection based on student’s Lexile range and/or teacher’s knowledge of the student’s reading ability.
  • Students will take a quiz after he/she has finished the book.  All quizzes must be taken by the cut-off date for the grading period. 
  • Quiz is pass/fail (8/10 is pass or 80%)
  • Three chances to take a quiz per book but must allow 24 hours between attempts. 
  • Quizzes can be taken in the reading classroom, lab, enrichment time, or during library time (with teacher’s supervision.)  
  • Reading Counts program counts as 10% of each student’s reading grade per grading period.
  • Student Grading:

Ø  Student did not reach goal (0% for grading period on Reading Counts).

Ø  Student read 1 book during 9 weeks is 50% and 2 books is 100%.

Ø  During the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th nine weeks:

1.     1 book = 33%

2.    2 books = 66%

3.    3 books = 100%


Both the links below are available on my website under the tab “Reading Counts”

Website to take a quiz:

Website to look up a book to see it’s lexile or if there is a quiz: