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Mrs. Sherri Jacobson - JH Math, JH Quiz Bowl Sponsor

Junior High Mathematics



Classroom Rules:

a.            Be courteous. Use kind words and actions.

b.            Be prepared. Bring your supplies to class and take them when you leave.

c.            Give your best effort.

d.            Participate in the discussion.

e.            Follow all policies and procedures.

Consequences for Choosing to Follow the Classroom Rules:

a.            Praise

b.            Super Viking certificates

c.            Positive notes home

d.            A stress free learning environment

e.            The joy of learning!

Consequences for Choosing to Break the Classroom Rules:

a.            Warning slip given to the student. Returned to the teacher filled out.

b.            Conference with the teacher and the student.

c.            Detention and call to parent or guardian. Action plan.

d.            Referral to the office.

Any step can be skipped at any time if the incident justifies a stronger consequence.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Sherri Jacobson

Junior High Mathematics


866-557-6686 ext 128

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