Why teach keyboarding?

Keyboarding is an essential skill for all students. Learning how to use finger placement correctly will help students increase their speed for optimal fluency when typing. Keyboarding proficiency is also an aide to improve fluency in writing. Our district's recommendation is that, whenever possible, all students begin to learn about correct placement of hands and/or fingers on the keyboard as soon as they begin to use the computer. In kindergarten, this is an awareness of left and right sides of the keyboard and using two hands to key, while in later grades, students are expected to use proper key strokes.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has provided guidance for districts in the area of keyboarding as the Forward  Assessment will require a level of keyboarding skill. The link for information from the Wisconsin DPI is provided in the resources section of this site. 

Classroom teachers are the conduit for students' learning in the area of keyboarding. Online resources are provided to teachers and students as a means of individualizing lessons for students, however teachers must provide a solid foundation in keyboarding through instruction. As students progress through keyboarding lessons, an involved teacher is a necessary component. Not only will an involved teacher make the learning more enjoyable, it will also allow for reinforcement of  "ready position:"  proper posture , ergonomics and finger placement. Students will progress in keying accurately and, thus, will be able to quickly transfer their learning into their school work.

image used with permission from Jamie Dingus http://www.dinguslab.org/typing.html