Part two of the Google Apps for Education training is intended to assist you in taking your knowledge of Google Apps for Education into the classroom setting.  In a sense, Part one focused on your knowledge level, and part two turns the attention to the classroom and using these new tools in the classroom or work setting.  While some things might be very obvious such as using a shared Google Doc to write, edit and revise collaboratively, others are more creative. This part should be more of a collaborative effort as there is no end to the ways in which these tools can be used in your environments.  There are a few tutorials included in this resource to assist in learning new things, but mostly you will find resources and should feel free to submit additional resources to the Technology Integrators to be added to this site for the benefit of everyone!

The focus for using Google Apps for Education and technology in general will be to increase the integration use of the technology over time.  The presentation below will provide an overview of the goals for this use in the classroom.

YouTube Video

SAMR Model

SAMR Ladder

Technology Use Survey:

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